The 2022 Outstanding Women in the Health Sector Awards are presented in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Hospital Association also recognized Dr. Judith Román in a special way.

Seated we see from left to right: Dr. Aracelis Nieves, Medical Director, Manatí Medical Center; Dr. Maruja Santiago Vélez, director of the Hospital Metropolitano Imaging Center, Dr. Pila and Dr. Michelle M. Martínez Montemayor, Associate Professor, Universidad Central del Caribe. Standing from left to right we see Atty. Jaime Plá Cortés, executive president of the Puerto Rico Hospital Association, Representative Sol Higgins, president of the House of Representatives Health Commission; Dr. Ilia Zayas Toro, Chief and Medical Officer at the CDT of the San Pablo Medical Group; Dr. Elba Arroyo Camuñas, Infectology and president of the Pavía Santurce Hospital Medical Faculty; Senator Nitza Morán; Margarita Rentas, Director of the General Castañer Hospital Nursing Department and Lcdo. Rafael Alvarado, president of the Puerto Rico Hospital Association Board of Directors. Photo: Press release.

Six leading women in the health industry received the “2022 Outstanding Women in Health Award” granted by the Puerto Rico Hospital Association (AHPR). The honorees have distinguished themselves by their enthusiasm and dedication in various areas within the health field, such as private medical practice, hospital administration, in the academic field, as well as medical directors or supervisors in hospitals.

“The granting of the “Outstanding Women in Health 2022″ Awards contemplates the trajectory, leadership, achievements, innovation and absolute commitment to health in Puerto Rico of each of the nominees. The Puerto Rico Hospital Association established this recognition in 2017 as part of the efforts to keep alive each year the contribution of these professionals in the health industry, which according to their own statistics, women dominate this field of work in almost 70%”, concluded Jaime Plá Cortés.

The Lcda. Marta Rivera Plaza (Principal Executive Officer of the San Juan Capestrano System) announced the names of the winners.

“For his achievements and contribution to the complex industry from health, we are awarding Dr. Aracelis Nieves (Medical Director, Manatí Medical Center); Dr. Maruja Santiago Vélez (Director of the Dr. Pila Metropolitan Hospital Imaging Center); Dr. Michelle M. Martínez Montemayor (Associate Professor, Central University of the Caribbean); Dr. Ilia Zayas Toro (Head and Medical Officer at the CDT of the San Pablo Medical Group); to Dr. Elba Arroyo Camuñas (Infectious Diseases and President of the Medical Faculty of Hospital Pavía Santurce) and to Margarita Rentas (Director of the Nursing Department of Hospital General Castañer), all of whom are worthy example of improvement as a professional of health, mothers and exemplary citizens,” said Marta Rivera Plaza, moderator of the ceremony and creator of the awards.

The Hospital Association of Puerto Rico also recognized in a special way Dr. Judith Román, the first Puerto Rican to graduate in Neurology after having studied in Paris and Harvard, who at 92 years of age maintains her position of Professor of Neurology at the School of Medicine of the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

The other special recognition went to Dr. Iris Cardona, chief medical officer of the Department of Health.

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