the 3 horror series that will leave you cold this Halloween

The mini series format is one of the most successful on the platform and the most chosen by those who have less time or are not willing to submit to multiple episodes and seasons.

midnight mass

Midnight Mass (2021) | Official Dubbed Trailer Spanish Argentinian

This series created by Mike Flanagan, director of the acclaimed Netflix series The Haunting Of Hill House, is positioned as one of the audience’s favorites. Premiered in 2021, the series has a total of 7 episodes with a duration of between 60 and 70 minutes each.

The series revolves around a man (Zach Gilford) tormented by guilt and remorse, who returns to his native island after spending years in prison for a car accident. In turn, on this new island a new priest appears (Hamish Linklater) with a particular talent: he performs miracles. This is a series that uses time as an element to increase the viewer’s tension at every moment. Every minute that passes increases the feeling that something bad is happening and seeks complicity with the viewer, inviting them to see what happens in each episode.

The axis of the series revolves around religious themes such as good and evil, redemption, forgiveness, sins. However, it covers deeper issues such as religious fanaticism, discrimination and racism.


Echoes | Trailer in Spanish | Miniseries

Co-produced by Brian Yorkey, known for “13 reasons“, joined Netflix on August 19 and is positioned as one of the most chosen on the platform. The series introduces us to the complicity of two twins: Leni and Gina (starring michelle monaghan). These share a mysterious secret, since they were little they have exchanged places with the other. The double life and its sinister games are interrupted when one of them disappears.

The series has a total of 7 chapters, which makes it perfect for a weekend marathon. Full of thriller elements, Echoes becomes something worth watching.


Ratched (in SPANISH) | Official Trailer | Netflix

The series is based on the iconic character from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Milos Forman. Directed by Ryan Murphy, renowned for American Horror Storyhad its premiere in 2020.

The miniseries revolves around a psychiatric nurse Mildred Ratched (Sarah Paulson) and its origins. It all begins when she arrives in California with the idea of ​​working in one of the most renowned psychiatric hospitals in the area for its experiments related to human behavior. When she gains entry as a nurse in this hospital, her true and gloomy personality comes to light.

The series has a total of 8 episodes, each lasting 50 minutes. The series is a perfect journey through a story that will make you doubt what is right and what is wrong.

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