The 3 most popular Battle Royale games for PC

In recent years, online gaming has become increasingly popular due to cheap internet and free-to-play models introduced by gaming companies. Along with the competitive environment, every player has at least tried their hand at Online game once to test your skills.

There are mainly two different forms of online games: cooperative or cooperative games and player versus player or PvP games. All games fall into either of these two categories or a combination of both. Cooperative games are usually casual, while games with PvP aspects are usually competitive.

Among these is the Battle royale genrewhere players go alone or with teammates on an open world map with the goal of eliminating others and being the last man/team standing.

There have been several Battle Royale games over the years, with the initial trend set by H1Z1 Battle Royale. While the game may not be as popular now as it was in its early days, it inspired other developers to build on its foundation for other iconic games like PUBG.

Here are the 3 most popular Battle Royale games currently:

1) Apex Legends

Apex Legends is arguably the most popular Battle Royale game. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Titanfall Games, Apex Legends is also set in the same universe with a playable character with different abilities.

What sets the game apart is that it can be very fast-paced and slow-paced at times, and while weapon handling is fairly simple, what’s important to master are your character’s abilities to use them effectively in a fight.

There are different characters with different roles and players must choose which role they want to play; however, there is no class restriction in a lobby. Players can team up with up to three people or play in duo mode, as solo play is currently only available for a limited period of time.

2) Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty games earlier started as arena shooter games with different modes like Death Match, Hard Point, Search and Destruct and others. With the increasing popularity of Battle Royale games, Activision It also decided to launch its Battle Royale mode, Warzone.

There is nothing complex or special about Warzone and that is what makes it fun among players as it is an average COD experience in Battle Royale form with satisfying gunplay. However, players will still need to learn how to use unique equipment such as UAVs and air strike perks.

More recently, the company released Warzone 2.0 with a new map, but the overall experience remains the same as before.

3) Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is another competitor to Apex Legends in terms of Battle Royale games, as its most recent update saw people flocking back to the already popular Battle Royale game. Epic Games, the developers of fortnitereported over five million players with its OG update.

Fortnite BR originally emerged as a zombie survival game with a “save the world” mode. However, the Battle Royale side took the Internet by storm and became even more popular than its original mode, beginning its journey.

The game features a unique mechanic where players can create their own cover by destroying their environment and collecting materials. This differentiates it from other games. However, due to popular demand, a no-build mode was also added later.

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