The 3 players who would set up the grid in America to get Santiago Solari out

The players who do not want Solari in America
The players who do not want Solari in America

America it was transformed from being the club that gets the most points to being among the last places and without showing a good game. Everything indicates that the players do not want it to continue Santiago Solari in front of the team.

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According to the journalist Juan Carlos Zúñiga, the inmate of the America there would be four players who would be forging the exit of Santiago Solari and all because they took out their partner Sebastian Cordova.

The decisions of Solari would have upset the group led by Guillermo Ochoa, Jorge Sánchez and Henry Martínez. The selected Mexicans were not satisfied with Córdova’s departure. Foreign players would be added to this group.

They put together the grid for Solari in America

According to the source in question, the players know that Santiago Solari He will leave at the end of the tournament, so they would seek to give arguments to the board to kick out the Argentine coach, whose group got out of hand.

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