The 3 times that BMW conquered the cinema

BMW, ladies and gentlemen. The Bavarian house has a marked style, and the seventh art has been able to accurately portray it. Here are the most iconic BMW moments on the big screen.

BMW It is a factory with a marked personality: its different models, designs, its classic aerodynamic lines and its reliable engineering made the Bavarian house a global trademark.

BMWacronym for Bayerische Motorem Werke -“Bavarian Motor Factories”- was founded in the year 1916in the region of Bavaria, Germany. Mainly, its origin is linked to the manufacture of aircraft engines, then over the years the factory would turn towards high-end cars and motorcycles.

Its recognizable logo was created in 1917 and is a reference to the flag of the Free State of Bavaria. It was not until the end of the 1920s that car production began, after BMW bought the company. Automobilwerk Eisenach. The first self-produced car came onto the market in 1933 and it was the 303 model. What happened later with the brand and its production, as we know, is history.

Today BMW is one of the most prestigious high-end car manufacturers in the world., and a faithful representative of the reliable and precise engineering of German seal. Its main competitors in sales and segment are Mercedes-Benz and Audiboth also of Teutonic origin.

The cinema has echoed the existence of this factory. Hundreds of his models have participated, with greater or lesser prominence, in films. The business and sober “profile” that certain models of BMWhas facilitated the screenwriters plans to portray elegance and sophistication.

Next, we delve into the most iconic moments of BMW in the seventh art. Join us in this speedy plot.

3.BMW M3, from Impossible Mission: Secret Nation (2015)

The now classic action saga, starring Tom Cruisehas an affinity with cars BMW. Several models have had their participation since the appearance on the screen of the second installment of the saga.

But his most iconic moments took place in Impossible Mission: Secret Nation, where Agent Hunt tries to take down a terrorist group and begins his adventures that take him around the globe in a constant state of alarm. In this film, he has an important role BMW M3a full high-end sedan in silver gray.

2.BMW 7 Series, from Red Sparrow (2018)

Here’s a good suspense and espionage movie. Starring the talented Jennifer Lawrence and directed by Francis Lawrence, Red Sparrow It is based on the homonymous novel published in 2013 and written by Jason Matthews.

scented to Cold War and winks at communist partythe film advances after the adventures of the former dancer Dominika Egorova and his faithful company. Nothing more and nothing less than a BMW 7 Series. Entirely in black, this German sedan perfectly complies with the film: elegant, sober and fast.

1.BMW Z3, ​​from GoldenEye: The Return of Agent 007 (nineteen ninety five)

What a movie icon we have here. Pierce Brosnan -maybe the best james-bond history- shines in the seventeenth installment of the undercover agent. Directed by Martin Campbell, this film meticulously portrays the plots of the novelist Ian Fleming, creator of the agent 007.

And for Brosnan’s adventures, a faithful companion was sought for him. And boy have they succeeded, it’s about the convertible and cool BMW Z3complete in bodywork Pale Blue. The funny thing is that james-bond historically related to Aston-Martinbut in this installment who shines is the convertible model of BMW.

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