The 4 best Anne Heche movies (and how to stream them)

The death of Anne Heche it has been a pitcher of cold water for the American film and television industry. A woman with a great desire to live, who even after suffering a very serious accident with her vehicle, clung to the light. Unfortunately, doctors and family had to take her off life support once they found a fit organ recipient so that his death would allow another life to be sustained.

His name may not be the most famous, but Anne Hecheonly 53 years old, is an actress with a long career behind her, and a good example of this is the list that I have prepared with 4 of his best filmswhich are available on various platforms streaming.

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

A classic slasher that will not go down in the history of the genre (that honor goes to Scream), but that it was very well received by the public and gave rise to a reboot television premiered a few months ago in Prime Video. Anne Heche He had a secondary role here, something common throughout his career, since he had very few leading roles.

anne heche
Anne Heche, in one of her last public appearances

Donnie Brasco (1997)

Secondary paper the one that had Anne Heche in one of the best movies mike newella director who years later would give us Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire either The Literary Society and Potato Peel Pie. Tell the story of the FBI agent joe pistonwho must temporarily abandon his family and pass himself off as a gangster: the jeweler Donnie Brasco.

anne heche donnie brasco
Donnie Brasco, a film in which Anne Heche shone

Reincarnation (2004)

Nicole Kidman she got a nomination for best actress at the Golden Globes here, and it’s no wonder. This fantasy drama masterfully combines the psychological thriller with the intrigue of the genre. Your starting point is the best, and although Anne Heche don’t be its protagonist (it is Nicole), it helps us to see a very good version of the interpreter.

American Playboy (2009)

I have to say that American Playboy was highly criticized by the specialized press, but I don’t think it’s a bad movie. This erotic drama is rated above average thanks to the performances of Ashton Kutcher Y Anne Hechewho bring credibility to a genre that usually does not have it (Ahem, 50 shades of gray; Ahem, despues de). Besides, it always comes in handy to see the handsome Ashton Kutcher without a shirt, in a film that has something of American independent cinema that other similar projects do not have.

All about God of War Ragnarok

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