The 4 Keanu Reeves haircuts to always be young and beautiful


Keanu Reeves he is probably one of the best people in the world and thanks to his artistic and human qualities he has become the king of the internet and the box office. There are thousands of testimonies on the Canadian actor’s ability to take care of his fans and colleagues, we know the troubles that have ruined him, his love for motorcycles and the good fortune to have appeared in some of the best films of ‘ action in the history of cinema. Successes of the caliber of Bill & Ted, Speed, The Matrix And Point Break they made it Keanu Reeves an icon of the 80s and 90s, before that John Wick relaunched it in the stars’ firmament by demonstrating that action heroes are not all the same. His portrayal of the legendary hitman reminded us of how Keanu is one of the best living actors, even if he has never won an Oscar.

If all this were not enough, we are faced with one of those men of the show admired for his mysterious ability to never grow old. There are even those who claim it is immortal. We will certainly not be the ones to deny it, since we are the first to admire his ability to always have perfect hair even with untidy and unkempt hair. Reeves, at different stages of his life and career, has shown that regardless of age, you can wear hair however you want. The important thing is to use classic cuts that help to look more beautiful and work on most men.

Keanu Reeves haircuts:

Long John Wick hair

Kevork Djansezian

John Wick gave everyone a lesson on how to wear a classic suit. Reeves’ character proved that you don’t need to cut your hair, but you need to know how to take care of it. To have a hair similar to hers, since we are not Rapunzel, we must be careful to adjust the hair cut avoiding making them too long. In addition to regular trimming to avoid split ends, you need to use a quality shampoo and conditioner. The look is completed well thanks to a well-groomed beard, a detail that does not make Reeves look older, but more mature and sophisticated.

Shaved hair a la Mr. Anderson from The Matrix

Perhaps it was an advantage for Mr. Anderson, while he was in the Matrix, to have his hair shaved otherwise he would have (who has a longer haircut in Matrix Resurrection) did not grow his hair, otherwise it would have been chaos. The buzz cut is one of those timeless cuts that can look good at any age, especially if you’re starting to go bald. It’s a tough and assertive style when paired with the right clothes. The key is to find your size on the hair clipper, and avoid overgrowing your hair by keeping it under control. The hair can be cut evenly or shaved so that it has more volume at the top.

Untidy hair at Point Break

Point Break is one of the most iconic films of Keanu Reeves, where the actor shows one of his best looks. Reeves’ character is a cop who pretends to be a surfer to infiltrate a gang of criminals and his look must be consistent with this character. The choice fell on a slightly longer cut, but not too much, with very wavy and voluminous hair that allowed him to arrange the hairstyle in the most serious situations.


Short textured hair in a grunge style

Ron Galella

The 90s grunge style doesn’t just apply to fashion, it’s also about the hair. One example was Reeves’ own cut which was shorter and left some longer sections to create movement and a nice frame around the face. The advantage of this cut, shorter than that of Point Break, is to be in that middle earth where you don’t need to comb your hair if you don’t want to, but you can only do it when you need it, like when you are going to a job interview. .

Article taken from GQ Spain

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