The 5 common exercises you should limit to gain more muscle mass, according to a personal trainer

at the time of gain muscleit is very easy for us to jump into exercise without thinking carefully about a strategy, assuming that any physical activity is going to translate into positive results.

However, especially when there are time constraints to exercise, it is better to invest our effort in the exercises that will be most efficient, specifically, for gain muscle mass (and as long as this is our only goal. To that end, personal trainer TJ Mentus explains in the middle Eat This, Not That! The exercises that we should avoid.


The cardiovascular exercise It is essential for general health, and it has been shown that practicing it regularly adds years to our life expectancy, so it is always recommended to practice it. However, Mentus points out, it is not the most suitable exercise for gaining muscle mass due to the high rate of calories burned. Therefore, with this objective in mind, it is better to avoid practicing it excessively.

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2. Isolation exercises

The isolation exercises They are those that focus solely on a muscle or joint. This can be very useful as part of a very thorough, custom routine, but when time is more limited it’s easy to see why it can be less than optimal.

3.Hot yoga

‘Hot yoga’ consists of exactly what its Anglo-Saxon name implies: yoga in a high temperature environment, similar to a sauna. As with cardio, it is a great way to burn a lot of calories and is very beneficial for your health, but at the same time it is not an efficient way to increase muscle mass.

4. The maximum possible weight

The maximum amount of weight that we can lift in a single repetition can give us very attractive value, but in terms of efficiency it is not a good habit. If we intend to increase the volume of our muscles, it is much more appropriate to perform a higher number of repetitions at a lower weight.

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5. Hypertrophy training

However, Mentus points out that you also have to be careful with the opposite. The hypertrophy training consists of lifting a moderate amount of weight for many repetitions. It’s a great way to start gaining muscle mass, but at a certain point its benefits start to wane. When this happens, we must be vigilant to switch to other types of training.

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