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Rihanna is one of the most famous Rn’b pop singers ever; the young woman started almost 20 years ago in the world of music, also becoming a very popular model, stylist and producer. Its nutrition is based on a very famous diet, namely the 5-factor diet, let’s find out how it works!


Rihanna it’s a pop singer with an international reputation that has managed in almost twenty years of career to sell over 100 million records and singles.

The singer is not only a talented artist in the music field but also a true style and glam icon; Riri, as her fans call her, is a force of nature and always manages to be a magnetic panther on stage.

This magnetism of his also derives from his own Power supply which allows her to stay in shape, without sacrificing the energy to face the hectic life of a pop star.

His diet is that of 5 factors, that is the conception that in a diet they can be eaten foods that fall between specific types and that for each meal there are no more than 5 ingredients; moreover the meals must be 5, as well as the minutes of intensive cardio every day.

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Rihanna’s diet


Rihanna is a woman curvy, that is, rich in feminine forms that he did not sacrifice for extreme thinness; the woman is proud of her appearance and she owes this also to hers Power supply.

His cook staff, Debby Solomon, said about Rihanna:

“Generally I would prepare a menu Sunday or Monday and based on that I would do the shopping for the rest of the week, but with her it is not possible. We never know what we will eat tomorrow, so why go shopping today ”.

This is because with regards to the food Riri is a lot Moody; your typical day, when everything goes the way you want with no last-minute changes, can be like this:

  • Breakfast: 4 boiled eggs, red fruits and a slice of toast with a glass of water and lemon;
  • lunch: brown rice with chicken pieces with boiled potatoes;
  • dinner: exclusively boiled unseasoned vegetables (to compensate for the carbohydrates of the day);
  • snak: dried fruit or small pieces of dark chocolate.

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