The 6 summer 2002 dresses that succeed in 2022

Talk about 2022 trends not to mention those of twenty years ago seems very difficult these days. The catwalks say it, the most stylish girls on Instagram and TikTok say it, and being inspired by everything that the style icons of the first decade of the 2000s wore is the coolest thing of the season. The proof is in Avril Lavigne’s shorts and cargo pantsin the platform sandals of the Spice Girls, in the tube tops that Carrie Bradshaw wore non-stop… But the truth is that there is no better example that nostalgia is the common thread of current fashion than the most fashionable dresses of this summer.

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Dresses that go from basic to elegant with a simple change of shoes

From the boho of Sienna Miller that returns year after year, to the most emblematic asymmetric with fantasy prints of the two thousand, they are all back. because they are so versatile and wearable that we can combine them both with toe and platform sandals but also with those that are tied around the ankles to go out at night, because they have that something that makes them super specialsbut something tells us that they have made the most stylish fall in love again because they are from the most beautiful that exist. What are they? Well, the following six:

1. Those with a halter neckline →

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