The 7 biggest hair trends of Winter 2024, from bixie to Valentine red

The same week that clocks across America went back to daylight savings, Dua Lipa debuted a new rockstar red hair color with the release of her new single, Houdini. And thus, winter and the change in winter hair trends have officially begun.

In a year that’s seen celebrities undergo major hair changes (think Florence Pugh’s pink buzzcut and Billie Eilish’s bright red roots), it feels as if celebrities have been extra fancy lately when it comes to their hair. She has become restless. Career blondes are jumping to try new chocolate, chestnut, or caramel shades, while it seems all natural brunettes are making the transition to red. This can be difficult to maintain.

With a long winter ahead, there’s no doubt that even more dramatic hair changes are still to come. This season will challenge your preconceptions of practical low-maintenance colors and frizz-fighting styles suitable for cold weather. The biggest hair trends for Winter 2023 are bigger, bolder and more attention-grabbing than ever before.

To get ahead of the upcoming winter season, NYLON spoke to five hair colorists and stylists to share the trends they’re expecting this season.

Winter Hair Trend #1: Going Gold

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Rosario Cannata, a master colorist at Warren Tricomi Salon, says we can thank our rekindled love for Pamela Anderson for the return of this golden blonde hue. warm blonde color of her hair baywatch Days is still his signature. “It’s the perfect amount of warm and neutral tones,” says Cannata, “and it has elements of the comforting, soft, vibrant, root color of the famous Brigitte Bardot.” He says this blonde is free and easily customizable for everyone. It also takes advantage of hair’s tendency to become warmer due to exposure to natural, everyday elements, meaning your hairdresser no longer has to fight against those colors. “Throw out your purple shampoo because warm and blonde shades are back with a vengeance,” says Cannata.

Winter Hair Trend #2: Valentine Red

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 16: Dua Lipa attends the 2023 Variety Power of Women event at Motivate…

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Since vivid hair color continues to be on trend, it’s clear that red isn’t going anywhere just yet. But expect to see a more sumptuous, rich palette of reds this winter, says R+Co Collective colorist Richie Kandasamy. She calls the deep, almost burgundy shade, as seen on Dua Lipa, “Valentine Red.” He explains that fall’s diverse mix of soft reds and copper shades will influence the upcoming season as well: “These reds can range anywhere from traditional shades to multi-dimensional shades and color combinations.”

Winter Hair Trend #3: Lush Hollywood Curls

“There have been many variations on this look, but as the years have gone by, Hollywood-style curls have always remained a classic,” says celebrity hairstylist Ricky Fraser. But this winter, Priscilla Presley hair tutorials on TikTok and Sofia Coppola’s muse and a resurgent obsession with Marie Antoinette’s hair are making way for even bigger, bouncier and more voluminous curls. “I love this style because it adds a touch of sophistication to any look,” says Fraser.

Winter Hair Trend #4: Bixie Cut

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New Jersey-based hair stylist Jennifer Korb says this season will see the rise of the “bixie” – a combination of the bob and pixie haircuts. She adds, “These styles are full of volume, movement and texture, because the look is meant to be soft and playful, not serious despite the short length. Plus, this cut matches winter scarves, turtlenecks, and thick sweaters.

Winter Hair Trend #5: The Tint Back

Chase Kusserow, co-founder and hairstylist of IGK, says it’s true that most people opt for darker, darker brown shades in the winter, but the key to making the look work is to figure out where some of your summer, How to maintain highlighted dimension. To do this, “Our goal is to match the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to the roots,” says Kanata, “but only to dye it back (darker) by going half to a level lighter than their roots.” Cannata says the overall effect is that everything has been “tinted in color” for a softer and more fluid juxtaposition.

Winter Hair Trend #6: Messy Buns with Side Bangs

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“We saw this look on the runways last season and are seeing more of it,” says Korb. It works for casual outfits, but is equally suitable for formal events, adding a casual element to the going out look. A side-sweeping bang (or achieving a similar look with tendrils) gives the style an effortless finish, says Korb.

Winter Hair Trend #7: Luxe Bows

A simple ribbon is the easiest (and cheapest) hair accessory that can completely change an entire look. Tying a bow around any bun, pony or half-up hairstyle makes it instantly more attractive and festive, adding an element of thoughtful effort. We love bows of all sizes and colors, but the medium-sized black bow is especially charming for the holiday season.


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