The 80s supercult “The Goonies” returns to Netflix

Rome, 11/26/2021 – There are films capable of becoming cult in a short time, for their generation and beyond: “The goonies“; released in American cinemas back in June 1985, it is just one of these films, which became a reference for the entire generation of the Eighties and beyond.

The reasons for a great success

Try to explain the reasons for the great success of de The Goonies is complicated: on the one hand, it may have significantly influenced the presence of Steven Spielberg, in the dual role of creator of the subject of producer. This, however, is not enough to explain why the film – shot by the director Richard Donner, with a screenplay by Chris Columbus – still enjoying such success – after 36 years – that it has also been re-proposed by the streaming giant, Netflix.

A similar success can also be explained by evaluating the relevance of the topics covered, which range from the classic struggle between good and evil to the values ​​on which the relationship that binds the protagonists is based: four kids who decide to identify themselves – in fact – as Goonies, “Losers”, in the sign of the common belonging to the Goon Docks neighborhood in Oregon.

In the adventure that Mike, Chunk, Brandon and Mouth live, courage, friendship and love are wisely intertwined: the story is destined to change young people forever, forced to experiment and discover their value in a fight – with a pirate flavor – against escaped criminals and speculators. The plot is as simple as it is engaging: the Goonies find a map of a pirate treasure, which they intend to recover, at the cost of facing danger, while their neighborhood is at risk due to building speculation that could force the inhabitants to leave. their homes.

Finally, the adventurous and unique atmosphere created by the director could only capture the public of every generation, going well beyond the eighties alone: ​​Spielberg, Donner and Columbus seem to have left the world an immortal film, capable of entertaining , still involve and inspire audiences of all ages. Not only has Netflix been able to grasp the potential of the film and make it part of its streaming offer, but various adaptations have been proposed to the public on other portals, such as
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and other initiatives, all aimed at keeping users ever closer to the world of the “losers of Astoria”.

The wait for a sequel

An entertainment film of this type, with unforgettable scenes, engaging themes and iconic jokes, could therefore only become a timeless cult film. All these elements obviously contributed to the birth of the strong desire for a sequel, even at the expense of the total absence of news and rumors about it. In a statement released on this issue, the same screenwriter, Chris Columbus, however, defined the idea of ​​a sequel as highly unlikely, with all due respect to the most passionate fans, even if in recent times a new rumor has come to warm up the fans. Hottest Admirers: Screenwriter Adam Goldberg said on Twitter that he worked on the plot of a probable The Goonies 2but any attempt to get in touch with Donner and actually accomplish something has been blocked prematurely by the lockdowns and the pandemic.

The fans are still waiting even if, in any case, they have not been completely dry-mouthed: part of their nostalgia has in fact been satisfied thanks to a recent reunion of the Goonies, which took place 32 years after the film’s theatrical release. It is a clear and evident sign of the actors’ awareness of how much their cinematographic experience deeply affected the whole generation of the 80s: to reunite after having undertaken completely different careers (with Josh Brolin even up to an Oscar nomination) is an unequivocal sign of respect for the fans, as well as a deep bond between the actors and the great film they helped to make.

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