The A+ doctor prepares a new attack through the Framework Statute

Isabel Moya and Tomás Toranzo.

The medical group will not allow the negotiations on their professional reclassification to cool, which they hope will become effective through the Framework Statute of health personnel. The objective is to advance this year towards a new A+ scale that recognizes and distinguishes his training path and his responsibilities, although sources in the sector acknowledge their pessimism at the “slowness” with which contacts are being made.

“We are not willing to stop the issue of reclassification,” says in this regard the president of the State Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM), Thomas Toranzowho regrets that the A+ has not yet been dealt with in the negotiation of the Framework Statute.

Last November, Toranzo himself consolidated a “state” medical alliance that includes CESM and the unions of Catalonia, Andalusia and Euskadi to demand from the Ministry of Health and the Government solutions to the challenges of the profession. Among them, the development of a specific Statute for the medical community that in turn serves as a regulatory umbrella for the A+.

“There are unrest throughout Spain and we are united to remind the Ministry that this type of thing should not be allowed to pass ”, Toranzo sentences.

Too, Isabella MoyaFirst Vice President of General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians (Cgcom), rejects that the fight for the A+ “has lost weight”. “It is part of our demands and it will continue to be, because that is how we are going to defend it”, emphasizes the head of the medical organization, who stresses that if the system is restructured to ‘upload’ Nursing to group A1 “everything must be changed ”.

“It is a delicate issue that is being addressed in the negotiation of the Framework Statute, although it will be left for the end,” Moya emphasizes.

The A1 has become “small”

The physicians warn that the current category “has become very small”, especially if Nursing manages to be recognized as A1. In this sense, they emphasize that the “responsibility” of one and the other professionals “is very different”, and emphasizes that doctors must face a much longer training path than that involved in a Nursing career. Specifically, doctors are required to complete six years of university studies with 360 ECTS credits, which corresponds to level 3 of the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (Meces) and seventh of the European Qualifications Framework. To this must be added a year of MIR preparation and another four or five of specialization.

‘Consequences’ of A+ for doctors

The representatives of the doctors insist that this claim is not merely economic, although it would also have a favorable impact on their salary. According to the calculations of Vicente Matas, coordinator of the Center for Studies of the Andalusian Medical Union (SMA), the creation of this new category would place doctors at the level of magistrates and prosecutors, who receive a base of 1,911.87 euros. To this sum should be added around 13 euros ‘extra’ in terms of trienniums, which currently are 47 euros for doctors.

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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