The Academy, Alan Tacher released all the secrets of reality

Apparently, The academy 20 years, the most important project of TV Azteca, has been gaining strength in just two weeks that it has been on the air. Since its premiere, it has caused controversy because Yahir is the host, because it was said that there was a new Jolette and because of the bold and very acid comments of Lotita Cortés and Arturo López Gavito.

Although it was initially speculated that Alan Tacher, the first driver you had The academywas going to return to the project, later it became known that there was no such possibility, but now Tacher himself has entered into controversy, since he confessed the most secrets of the high-performance school to Yordi Rosado.

In addition to the confessions about what was really going on behind the screen in The academyalso took advantage of the interview with Rosado, to send a message to the owner of TV Azteca, Ricardo Salinas.

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Alan Tacher led the first four generations of La Academia, from 2002 to 2005, so when he began to remember that time in his life, the driver said that at that time it was more difficult for him to be a driver, because many times he had to improvise or say things by heart, so when it was time to eliminate one of the students, he was always blank and only knew the name of who should come out, until they gave him the name, with the idea that it was More exciting.

“I was the only driver and I did everything from memory, sometimes with the pea… there was no promise or anything… I hated my producer with all my heart and to give the program more emotion, the envelope of the eliminated one came blank, but to make it more real, they didn’t say anything to me. So I did not know who was going to come out, so I was like all the viewers, “he confessed.

The same dynamic continued to happen every Sunday, until one day, the producer at the time forgot to tell him the name in question, which put him in a moment of great tension, since the program was totally live.

“My biggest fear was that he wouldn’t tell me the name or that the pea would fail and it happened to me, that has been the scariest show of my life. I opened the envelope, obviously it came blank, and the producer forgot to tell me who would come out, so he started yelling at me about things so that I would say it. I kept improvising, waiting for the name until the co-producer noticed something weird and asked him if he had already told me so he realized his mistake and told me after three minutes, ”she shared.

Another of the most unexpected confessions was when he revealed that everything that happened at The Academy was real, except for one occasion in which the production did not want there to be an elimination to extend the program for another week, then Javier Alatorre entered the moment of the expulsion to ask that he had not eliminated and thus they managed to ensure that no one left and did not see himself as prepared, he said.

The driver also opened up and said that his employment relationship with TV Azteca ended after 14 years of being there, due to contract issues.

“I was already part of Giorgio Aresu’s company… the problem was that we went to Miami and Abraham Zabludovsky interviewed us and told us ‘hey, what happened?’ And there Giorgio makes a huge mistake that speaks badly of Ricardo Salinas Pliego but he speaks badly, loudly. And he says some things that I said, ‘it was worth m*dre’… and from then on we were sued for land, sea and sky and I said ‘sorry, I didn’t say anything’ and it was a crisis, then I couldn’t set foot in Mexico, my passport was blocked, as a criminal… in the lawsuit they argued at the time that it was criminal”, he assured.

Alan Thatchertook advantage of the moment to tell Ricardo Salinas that he always wanted to apologize for not firing me, for not thanking him for what he did for him, because he assured that the relationship between them was incredible, but after that problem, he did not know more of the.

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