The accident that Bruce Willis suffered on a set 20 years ago and that became relevant after his diagnosis

After the sad news broke that Bruce Willis retires from acting at the age of 67 due to suffering from aphasiaAn accident that the interpreter suffered 20 years ago became relevant again, in which he had a strong blow to his head that could have influenced his diagnosis. According to what a source close to the famous commented, the fact brought him some consequences in the short and long term, although few people knew about this health condition.

The announcement about Willis was made on March 30, through a statement published by his daughter Rumer and his ex-wife Demi Moore on their respective Instagram accounts, and generated an impact in Hollywood. In addition to countless messages of encouragement that various figures and users dedicated to him on the networks, some striking data about the professional and private life of the actor began to come to light that the public did not know until now.

In this context, a source close to Bruce Willis gave his testimony and mentioned an accident that occurred in 2002. The American was in the middle of filming the film “Tears of the Sun”, the film in which he played Lieutenant Walters, when he suffered the impact of a projectile on his forehead after a detonation of pyrotechnics in the studio.

The fact did not go unnoticed since, later, Willis began to suffer “extreme mental, physical and emotional pain”, according to the source revealed to The Sun. As a consequence of this, the actor sued Revolution Studios, one of the companies that participated in the production of the film.

The relationship between the accident and diagnosed aphasia is simply a hypothesis, since the disorder can develop as a result of different factors. Beyond the conjectures about the origin, the truth is that over the years the cognitive problems became present and intensified, especially in the last five years in a progressive way.

According to the statements of Stuart F. Wilson, who was the actor’s risk double for 17 years, to the British media, Willis’s difficulties were very noticeable in recent months. “Sometimes when you talked to him, he seemed off track. The rest thought it meant nothing, but inside you wondered if other things were going on, ”he said.

Along the same lines, he assured that he knew that something was happening to him and that, for this reason, the actor underwent various tests, but he had no idea what it was. In addition to this, he stated that he was certain that a statement about Willis’s health would arrive at some point.

On the other hand, other members of productions that took place in recent years listed certain problems that the actor had with the lines of his characters and the help they gave him to be able to film the films without problems.

After his retirement, Willis’ decision to support himself financially without acting income was also known. Already aware that his illness would force him to change his life, for a long time he began to put some of his properties up for sale. This determination was not only motivated by money, but also by the desire for a quieter lifestyle closer to his family.

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