The Accountant 2, Gavin O’Connor chooses the sequel with Ben Affleck


The Accountant

It seems the choice was between a sequel to Go back to winning is that of The Accountant, ultimately chosen by Gavin O’Connor to go back to work with your friend Ben Affleck to a shared project in the past. And while the director himself admitted that he always intended to tell the story of Chris Wolff’s past (the protagonist of the 2020 sports drama) as a trilogy, for now the plans should take them elsewhere.

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“There won’t be a sequel to Going Back, but we’re doing an Accountant sequel. We literally just closed the deal and are doing The Accountant again – O’Connor said, returning to the abandoned hypothesis. – I’ve always wanted to do three, to integrate the brother [di Chris Wolff] in history. So there will be more screen time for Bernthal in the second. And then the third, which I call ‘Rain Man on steroids’, about the two brothers, a strange couple. It will be a Buddy Movie “.


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Now it remains to be seen what could be the timing of these two projects, or at least the first. And how much could two figures like Affleck’s and Jon Bernthal, even if for now only the first has declared himself available at the announced return.


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