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The French defender is on trial in Chester court on eight alleged charges of rape and another of sexual assault.

Benjamin Mendy is facing a high-profile trial at Chester Crown Court, charged with eight alleged offenses of rape and one count of sexual assault.

The footballer has denied them all, but this Monday he was accused of being “a predator” who “invented situations” to be able to rape and sexually assault women with his friend Louis Saha Matturie.

“The complaint is simple. It has nothing to do with football. In fact, it’s another chapter in a very old story: men who rape and sexually assault women because they think they’re powerful and because they think they can get away with it.”prosecutor Timothy Cray read in the opening statement made by part of the prosecution on the first day of the trial.

“These women were disposable: things that were used for sex and then discarded. This was the effect of the deliberate and planned choices that the defendants made and the wishes that they expressed on numerous occasions.he continued in statements collected Monday by the British tabloid The Mirror.

And it is that the prosecution defends that most of the alleged crimes that Mendy and Matturie are accused of were committed at the address that the player has in Cheshire.

They even insist that one of Matturie’s tasks for Mendy “was to find young women and create situations in which they could be raped and sexually assaulted.”

The prosecution claims it has as many as 13 witnesses who have come forward to testify against the defendants who can allegedly prove that Mendy was a predator:

“The persecution of these 13 women by the defendants made them predatory, ready to commit serious sexual offences. The fact that they didn’t take no for an answer, or that they created situations where no wasn’t even an option, is something you will hear over and over.” continues the indictment.

It is also apparent from his speech that the two defendants had no respect for the alleged victims: “The acts the defendants committed together show callous indifference to the women they persecuted. In their minds, and it couldn’t be clearer, the stream of women they were bringing into their home only existed to be prosecuted for sex.”

Drunk, no cell phone and with panic rooms

The methods allegedly used by the defendants to bring the women to their homes were detailed in court. First, some of them had their phones taken away, many others claim they were made to get drunk or locked in rooms with special locks, like those used for panic rooms.

However, the defendants defend themselves by claiming that all the women gave their consent to have sex, but the prosecution does not believe this.

“The prosecution accepts that some women would consent to have sex with Mendy, but not all of them would or have done so. The big step Mendy took was to want every woman who came to his address to be available for sex. Saha shared this mentality. Together, they had convinced themselves that free and informed consent to sexual relations by women who entered their orbit simply did not matter.

Consent is going to be one of the main protagonists in a lawsuit that is going around the world and promises to make headlines.

For now, Mendy will have to listen to testimony from up to 13 women and a prosecutor who described the search for the women as a game: “These defendants were not in a happy state of sexual ignorance: they knew very well what they were doing. They turned finding women to have sex into a game, and if the women were hurt or distressed… Too bad.”

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