the actress attacked in Dubai with the heel of a shoe

Drama for Linda Batista. The actress was attacked in Dubai, in the middle of a party. The interpreter explained to Italian Stories on Rai Uno, with his face still swollen from the blows taken, what happened during the evening. Apparently the Batista was shot after took the defense of a gay guy. “I went to dinner with some Italian friends and I went to a birthday party, I was together with several people together with the boy, a person of a unique kindness and education, who asked me not to say his name, we were at ‘Armani Privè, one of the most beautiful places in Dubai “Linda explained to Eleonora Daniele. At a certain point some guys arrived who started to look provocatively at this guy, he was a real one homophobic aggression, they pushed him, and I was unable to stay on the sidelines and intervened. “

Linda Batista took a big risk

That intervention cost Linda Batista dearly, known in Italy for having worked on important fiction such as Magic spell and Elisa di Rivombrosa. “They pushed me and hit me on the head with a bottle, at which point I lost consciousness and I don’t remember anything, but who was present told me that a woman from the group continued to beat me even while I was unconscious and he hit me in the face with the heel of his shoe “, he did know. Linda lost a lot of blood and was promptly transported to the hospital, where they put her well 45 points in the face. Batista later revealed that the lady was arrested but soon released and further investigations by law enforcement are underway.

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