the actress became astemia because of the Golden Globes


The beautiful actress Megan Fox he recently gave an interview in which he dusted off some of the looks he has sported over the years. The moment she came across the look she had worn in 2009 at the Golden Globe, the actress wanted to tell the story behind her choice not to drink more alcohol taken that evening.

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On that occasion Megan shared the table with the Jonas Brothers and Blake Lively. An evening of celebrations ended badly, said the actress: “Ai Golden Globe they always put giant bottles of champagne on the table. I drank several glasses of it. Now I don’t drink and that’s why. I was out of myself. I said a lot of bullshit that I shouldn’t have said, on the red carpet.”

Megan Fox

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When alcohol enters the circulation it can become difficult to control yourself and, as the actress added, when you play a role as visible as hers you can not say everything you want. Megan said, “I got through a lot of trouble for what I said on the red carpet at that event.” But what will he have said about such a serious thing?

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Megan Fox alcohol: the actress became astemia because of the Golden Globes

That evening, interviewed on the red carpet, the actress had confessed that she thought she looked like actor Alan Alda. Immediately afterwards she added: “I am so horrified and embarrassed to be here. I’m afraid” and, to finish in beauty, he had spoken of his partner of the time, Brian Austin Green: “He did not want to come. It doesn’t want to be my date. He is a man. He has an ego. I think he’s probably working on his music. I don’t think he cares.”

Megan Fox is astemia: the cause is the Golden Globes of 2009
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