The actresses of ‘The White Lotus’ pose with Skims lingerie, in Kim Kardashian’s latest campaign

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The White Lotus actresses pose for SkimsDR

That The White Lotus has conquered all viewers is a reality. The first season, shot in Hawaii, gave us a preview of what would be its biggest boom, the second installment. All HBO subscribers have not been able to resist giving the play to the series, not even personalities like Kim Kardashian, whose hectic pace of life barely gives her time to enjoy days in front of the screen. This has been confirmed by herself and this is how she wanted to make us participants in her eagerness for this Mike White production on her Instagram profile in which she has surprised all her followers with new news: Simona Tabasco and Beatrice Grannò are already part of Skims.

Those who gave life to the characters of Lucia and Mia in the successful production have now become the protagonists of the Valentine’s campaign of Kim’s firm. And we can’t think of anyone better than this duo to do it, since if we remember their scripts they are the ones who live love the most and best in all its forms: their friendship is undoubted, they fall in love and also constantly flirt with the billionaire hotel guests. There is little doubt in affirming that the businesswoman has made this choice with knowledge of the facts, but in case there were any suspicions left in the air, she herself has been in charge of confirming it in a text that accompanies one of the images of the campaign that she has published. on his Instagram profile: “I saw The White Lotus And I had to have my girls!”

In the photographs that we can see from this session, the actresses (who are also best friends in real life) pose in front of the camera exuding sensuality and in funny images in front of Donna Trope’s lens. They wear outfits with prints of hearts and other plain ones adorned with lace, in silhouettes that alternate from high-rise panties and thongs, to bandeaus, triangle bras or very sexy lingerie nightgowns. And, as we could expect from Kim Kardashian, pink combined with red plays a leading role in each of the pieces that make up the collection.

With this campaign, Simona Tabasco and Beatrice Grannò join the prestigious list of celebrities who have already been part of the Skims family. From Rosalía, passing through Megan Fox, until arriving at Brooke Shields. The casting of the queen of the Kardashians is always outstanding.

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