“The Adam Project”: the time travel that includes Zoe Saldaña and catches the Dominicans

Dominicans have been interested in seeing how “Adam Reed” saves the future, in the science fiction film ‘The Adam Project’ (‘The Adam Project’), which has become a trend in the country and forms part of the most played audiovisuals on Netflix.

The American feature film, released on March 11, began be shot in 2020 under the direction of Canadian producer, Shawn Levy, who has participated in successful productions such as ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Real Steel’ and ‘Free Guy’.

Everything related to the topic of time travel is passionate to many science fanatics who have taken the time to enjoy the cinematographic proposal produced by Skydance Productions, 21 Laps Entertainment and Maximum Effort, in which the good performance by Ryan Reynolds, the audiovisual quality, the effects specials and the chosen soundtrack do justice to the industry Hollywood film.

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In approximately 115 minutes, the film shows how in the year 2050, fighter pilot Adam Reed travels back in time in search of escape from the villain “Maya Sorian” and her soldiers, in order to prevent the invention of a displacement machine from being made Sorian used to alter the future in a negative way.

After escaping, he goes on to locate himself in 2022, where he meets his 12-year-old version, with whom he begins to live a series of adventures, in which he makes revelations of the future and tries to improve what happens in the past.

In the framework of the confrontations, the protagonist meets again in the year 2018 with special people for him, including finds his deceased father, Louis.

The three characters unite and fight against the villains for save the future, by destroying a power-generating machine wormholes created by the parent.

Undoubtedly, the film, in addition to highlighting the scientific advances that represent time travel, reflect on how some human beings spend their first years of life wanting to grow and without valuing the present, so that in adulthood they remember their past with nostalgia and wanting to go back in time to change many things and relive some moments

“I spent 30 years trying to forget about the me that was you. And I’ll tell you something. You were always the better part,” Reed said to his teenage self in an emotional scene.

The film written by Jonathan Tropper, TS Nowlin, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin, is carried out by the recognized actor, Ryan Reynolds, who turned his career around by playing a role in which he did not it had to be a funny character, like in most movies what you’ve been in.

For his part, the Canadian actor, Walker Scobell is the one who gives life to the young version

Dominican-born actress Zoe Saldaña plays Laura, a brave character who plays an important role in Reed’s mission.

Saldaña has also participated in successful projects such as ‘Venganza ruthless’, and the sagas ‘Avatar’, ‘Guardians of the galaxy’ and ‘The Avengers’, which has made the Quisqueyans proud.

Other actors who act in ‘The Adam Project’ are Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Milo Shandel, Kasra Wong, Lucie Guest, Ben Wilkinson, Walker Scobell, Catherine Keener, Braxton Bjerken, Ellie Harvie, Mellanie Hubert, and Alex Mallari.

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