The AI ​​says this is what these celebrities will look like when they are old

Nothing more tempting than being able to see how we would be in five, 10 or, why not?, 25 years. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) we can now get a good idea of ​​what we will look like when we get older. While this technology reaches everyone’s hands, Alper Yesiltas, an artist and AI expert, posted on his Instagram account several photos of celebrities in a much more mature version than we know them.

This is how Dua Lipa, Harry Styles and other celebrities will look like when they age, according to artificial intelligence

Yesiltas lives in Istanbul, Turkey, and his Instagram account has gained more followers thanks to his AI experiments with images of many celebrities, which we are just about to introduce you to. This is what Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Robert Pattinson, among others, will look like, if they remain in good condition in a few years.

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Emma Stone

Although Yesiltas does not specify how old the artists would be in their publications, we could say that Emma Stone would be hitting the age of 50 in this photo. Don’t you think?

ryan gosling

While we’re talking about Emma Stone, it’s impossible to skip over Ryan Gosling, with whom she’s done several movies, including La La Land. If you remember that film well, you will wonder the same thing as everyone: what would the protagonists look like 20 years later? Now we can get an idea.

Dua Lipa

The British singer is just 27 years old. Around 45 she would look something like this, according to the AI.

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Harry Styles

The former One direction has been the leading man in fashion for several years. Will it continue to be when gray hair and wrinkles come into his life? According to the AI, yes.

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billie eilish

Let’s go with the youngest of this group. the singer of Bad Guy She is 21 years old and has had her hair dyed green, dark, and blonde. How will she look with white hair?

Robert Pattinson

To close this list we have the consent of many. We admit that “Battinson” would look interesting if he arrives in these conditions at 50 or 55 years of age.

What did you think of these AI experiments?

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