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Our friend Youtuber Matteo Valenza struggling with a Chinese EV, the Aiways U5.

The Aiways U5 according to Matteo (Valenza). The Chinese electric SUV wants to conquer Europe, but first of all it will succeed in convincing our friend Youtuber? Here is his opinion: article + VIDEO.

The Aiways U5, from a brand born 4 years ago

Aiways is a start-up founded just four years ago in Shanghai: his first car, the U5, was released in 2020 in China and is now on the Italian market. This is an SUV designed for electric, starting from the platform, designed for an engine powered only by batteries. Up to now there have not been many copies produced, about 15 thousand per year. 4.68 m long. (7 cm. Less than the Tesla Model Y), 1.86 wide And tall the Aiways U51.70, the U5 can comfortably carry five people. It has a fairly large trunk, 430 liters, which become 1,555 with the seats folded back. The designers ingeniously used the space under the hood to create an additional front trunk and tried to make the SUV as light as possible: weighs just over 1,700 kg. Usually in vehicles of this type size and weight penalize range and performance, but Matteo assures us that a really good job has been done here.

the Aiways U5
Matteo checks everything, even at the cost of literally getting into the trunk ..

The Aiways U5: range of 400 km, 200 Hp engine

The U5 is equipped with a medium-sized battery, approx 63 kWh, which powers a permanent magnet synchronous motor from 150 kW, about 200 hp. With 300 Nm of torque and acceleration from 0-100 in about 9 “. The maximum speed is limited to 150 km / h to preserve autonomy, which the manufacturer claims to be around 400 km. We are on 17.4 kWh / 100 km of average consumption, according to the WLTP cycle. The battery (guaranteed for 8 years or 150,000 km) is cooled by a liquid system governed by the heat pump. Charging can take place in AC up to 6.6 kW or in DC up to 90 kW. “I would have expected an 11 kW on-board charger“, Matteo sighs,”but, being a slow charge that is normally done at night, even 6.6 kW is just fine“. At this power in 10 hours for loads from 0 to 100%. In the fast columns, to pass from 20 to 80% they serve instead 35 minutes.

On the dashboard 4 screens: the central 12.3 “screen

the Aiways U5Aiways has focused on a particular design, to make “visible“Zero emissions: starting from front without bezel, very original. With some attention to aerodynamics, see for example the retractable handles. The optical groups have a unique and somewhat complex design, which make them distinctive. The front and rear are more classic, while the upper pillar is hidden by a dark surface, partly covered with glass. Sitting in the driver’s seat, you notice a spacious interior, minimal design and ultramodern interiors, based on square lines. On the dashboard he foundthe 4 screens: three behind the wheel, responsible for the instrumentation and a series of secondary information. The fourth, on the other hand, is center with 12.3 “diagonal, reserved for infotainment. The passenger compartment is neat, embellished by the use of leather to cover the seats and dashboard. If you choose them in white, Matteo points out, it gains brightness throughout the interior.

the Aiways U5Also ready for over-the-air updates

As standard we find the dual-zone air conditioning system, LED headlights, 17-inch wheels, electronically adjustable seats, front and rear parking radar, 360 ° camera and WIFI. With a multitude of driving controls and various aids. Such as the fatigue detector, lane change warning, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping system, emergency braking and much more. However, other options remain in the special launch series, such as automatic tailgate, induction charger for smartphones and heated seats. All pluses that we will find later on the version premium. The satellite navigator is missing, but the integration with Apple CarPlay it’s great. The U5 is equipped with a connection to the network, so it is possible download over-the-air updates.

Good road holding, the regenerative braking disappoints

In the first 10 minutes of the road test, Matteo tests the car with braking, acceleration, direction changes… and he is very satisfied. “It lightens on the front when you make strong accelerations and set the curves”, He explains, but that’s normal since it’s not a car designed for the racetrack. Road holding is good, even when the car is under load. ABS, brake, the whole Bosch technology works great. The steering wheel has a sporty conformation, with a double cut reminiscent of that of the Peugeot e-208. The U5 is a car designed for families: in addition to Matteo, during the test, there are 4 other people present and all seated very comfortably to enjoy the test. The driving modes are Echo, Normal And Sport. The regenerative braking was a bit disappointing for Matteo, not as incisive as he expected. Here too we have three modes, settable in real time from the central controller

The Aiways U5The Aiways U5 according to Matteo – Soon it can also be ordered online

As for acceleration, 9 ″ from 0-100 isn’t that bad. The shot is not immediate, plus or minus a second and a half of lag. For the rest, the car is quite “soft”. The effective suspensions, the brake well present. Suffers a little bit of roll, but it is a pleasant car to drive. Aiways has 11 dealers throughout Italy, but it will soon be possible to order also online. For now, two versions are available:

  • the basic version, however well equipped, it is offered starting from 42,750 euros
  • Lto Prime version, already sought after, costs just over 45,500 euros.

The equipment for both models is well balanced, complete. According to Matteo, considering the price difference, of 3 thousand euros, it is worth buying the version premium. The competitors? In this segment there are many, starting with VW ID.4 and from the Koreans, Hyundai Kona And Kia e-Niro, even if the latter have a much smaller size.

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