The albums that make us dream of the best musical 2023: from JLo to Aitana, Lewis Capaldi or Conchita – Music

Yes, we admit it: we can’t stop thinking about music. Nor to listen to what is already a reality and which is part of the repertoire of the best musical variety of all those artists you listen to on CADENA 100, nor to imagine how it will be the one that is to come. And we have not the slightest doubt that 2023 is going to be a prolific and most melodious year. We know this because there are already singers who have announced that they have their work in the oven until they finish curdling those important final details. There are those who, even, the only thing they have done has been to give clues about a possible album, but who, in the same way, excite us. Why, what better to make your imagination fly than music? But let’s start with those projects that we do know are a reality that we will taste throughout this year.

Jennifer Lopez – ‘This Is Me… Now’

One of the great queens of pop, as she is indisputably Jennifer LopezHe is going to release a new album. He will do it to commemorate the 20 years since the release of his ‘This Is Me’, with a twist to that deep love that he has never hidden and that, at this time and beyond his children, is a feeling that directs Ben Affleck. A return with a compilation that will contain 13 songs and that will come almost nine years after what was the last in his discography to date-‘AKA’, in 2014– and which is estimated to come out in the initial bars of this newly released 2023.

Ava Max – ‘Diamonds & Dancefloors’

January 27th. That is the date that we already have written down in our release schedule. AvaMax has been revealing some songs from the ‘tracklist’ of the ‘Diamonds & Dancefloors’. Small pills with which to get an idea of ​​what is coming in this work in which, without a doubt, it will have a disco aroma with which to travel to another era. Yes, the rhythms of the 80’s and 90’s are back and they do so by the hand of one of the women with the most promising future in music.

Lewis Capaldi – ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’

Another of those bets that we have in CADENA 100 as one of the names that are going to make history this year has also set a date for its second studio album to reach our hands. will be the may 19 when I see the light, in full, ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’, by Lewis Capaldi. We already know, for now, that Ed Sheeran will form part of its repertoire, since we have already been able to listen to ‘Pointless’one of the jewels of that ‘tracklist’ that has very little left to be in perfect listening condition.

Conchita – ‘The Snowball’

At the moment, we know the first two ‘singles’ and with both he has caused a true musical cyclone. Conchita has already launched ‘Anyone but me’ and ‘It’s not me, it’s you’two odes to well-crafted compositions that will form part of ‘The snow ball’. It will arrive early this spring and the anticipation is high to find out how it has been able to fit all the pieces of a puzzle which looks very good from what little we already know. With no cover image yet published, we leave that second preview that helps us so much to learn self-love.

Sam Smith – ‘Glory’

At the end of this first month of the year, on the 27th to be more specific, the fourth studio album by sam smith. Under the name of ‘Glory’ he will release 13 songs that he has been tasked with shaping over two thoughtful years in which he has left nothing untied. Not even the careful collaborations that we will find and among which, beyond Kim Petras in ‘Unholy’there are names as powerful as Ed Sheeran, Koffe or Jessie Reyez.

Lola Indigo – ‘The Dragon’

After a few weeks of less intensity on their social networks to rest and prepare for what is to come, Lola Indigo already beginning to shape ‘The Dragon’ and exit to their subjects. Without going any further, this same Friday he was throwing a considerable ball, as was that one-on-one with Luis Fonsi in ‘Broken Hearts’. The exact date is unknown, as is whether it will delay the appointments that it had already scheduled for May at the WiZink Center in Madrid and at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

Ellie Goulding – ‘Higher Than Heaven’

It’s been almost three years since I released ‘Brightest Blue’. More than enough time to digest that and shape that ‘Higher Than Heaven’ that it will not be until February 3 when it is discovered in its entirety. A fifth studio album for which ellie goulding it has given him time to reflect and rediscover the path on which to make his always accurate music walk. To date, we only know of two previews of it: ‘Easy Lover’ and ‘Let It Die’. The rest? In less than a month.

Andrés Suárez – ‘Round Trip’

Yes, the Galician singer-songwriter is also ready to show us his new artistic journey. There are 10 songs that he has ready and grouped andres suarez in that ‘Round trip’ that will bring to the market the February 24th. A work that we know that, after having left behind the dark times of the pandemic, is intended to be a celebration of “optimism, humor, jocularity, life”, in his own words.

Aitana, Shakira, Ana Mena and other unknowns

Beyond all this material that we are sure will see the light of day throughout 2023, there are a handful of singers very dear to this station who, although they have given clues that there could be an album, have not given dates emphatic -not even approximate-. We know, for example, that Ana Mena He has it ready, because he shouted it to the four winds, with relief after the hard study work, on social networks. Also that, once the journey of the ’11 Reasons+ Tour’ is over, Aitana He is working on a new musical stage in which, hopefully, he will have time to release an album in these 11 months.

The ‘I congratulate you’ and ‘Monotony’ of Shakira They are more than evident proof that the Colombian woman is having enough material to give shape to a record. Y Miley Cyrus I already warned, beyond the song that he released this Friday, that with the new year comes a new woman associated with new music and, why not dream about it, a new compilation. A case very similar to that of Dua Lipawho cooks everything very slowly, but with an expertise rarely seen in the industry.

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