The alleged new conquest of Gerard Piqué would be quite similar to Shakira

Since the beginning of the rumors of an alleged infidelity of Gerard Piqué to Shakira, there have been too many comments that have come out. Those involved have given little details, and it is that she was in charge of explaining that they are separating and ask for respect for privacy for the well-being of the children they have in common.

Now New details have emerged of the supposed new conquest that the footballer would have, is that it seems that it has enough similarity to the singer. The alleged evidence is in a spoken portrait of the people who have seen her in person.

According to two journalists from ‘El Diario de Cataluyna’, they were the ones who made it known that the constant encounters between the player of the FC Barcelona with the third of the discord It would have generated discomfort in the interpreter of ‘Waka Waka’.

Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa, who work for the aforementioned media outlet, explained that the meeting point of both apparently took place in a nightclub called ‘La Traviesa’this would be a nightclub that is also in a completely exclusive area of ​​Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The journalists also explained that it is “a 22-year-old woman, blonde, student and event hostess”. The Spanish said they know the woman involved. However, they preferred not to give her full name and only indicate the initial, and that would be the letter ‘C’.

They also indicated that after all these comments came to light where they accuse her of having damaged the love that existed between the interpreter of ‘I warn you, I announce you’ and Piqué, she proceeded to delete almost all the publications she had on the camera social network.

The young woman has deleted her accounts on social networks. Before this, he had 300 posts and reduced them to two when his identity details were revealed,” they said.

In the midst of the complex situation that both are going through, it has also been said that the Colombian tried to save the relationship they had by attending therapy, but, apparently he no longer had any desire to continue with her.

However, to date both follow each other on the social network Instagram, while The interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’ has not yet deleted the photos she has with him, the same thing happens in the case of Piqué.

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