The alternatives to be in shape when you don’t feel like doing sports

The Physical Health of people has become a target for a wide sector of society. Whether it’s training in a gym, going for a run around the city or in the mountains, or playing sports, more and more people are working on their bodies to stay healthy. Regular exercise can help prevent disease, These include heart disease, type 2 diabetes and many types of cancer, as well as psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, according to Harvard Dr. Cindy Lin.

However, it is normal that sometimes we feel that we don’t feel like doing any kind of exercise, especially the days when we are most tired. To address this situation, this sports medicine professional has shared with CNBC a “simple and time-efficient method to be more active without committing to a full workout“. These are some ‘snacks’ that can be practiced throughout the day.

Short duration exercises

These snacks are physical work with “they are short bursts of activity distributed throughout the dayinstead of a long training session”. In this way, what could be a half hour job, with these short periods of time can be reduced to several series of between 5 and 10 minutes. One of the examples that the doctor gives as more accessible snacks are the rides. When you’re at home or at the office, Lin recommends taking breaks of no more than 10 minutes to go around the block or walk inside the house or for the company itself. “It sounds simple, but most people never take the time to do it. And yet it’s so easy!” she says. According to the most recent studies, the recommended number of daily steps is 7,000. “I know a lot of people who have no idea how active they are,” says Lin, who says that people typically walk around 1,000 steps in less than 10 minutes.

According to the doctor, these bursts of sport “improve heart health, increase energy levels and help you mentally reset for the rest of the day.” For this reason, even if it is brief, any physical activity is beneficial for health.

The general recommendations of the sports medicine professional are as follows. Throughout the week we should have done between 150 and 300 minutes from physical activity intensity aerobics moderate or between 75 and 150 minutes of physical activity intensity aerobics high. Within the moreda intensity exercises, Lin includes tasks such as “housekeeping, yard work, sweeping floors and raking leaves.” Other examples can be: riding a bike, skipping rope, going up and down stairs, yoga, taichi or dancing.

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