The amazing exercise you should do in January to improve your physical condition

C.With the entry of 2023, most of the most varied challenges are proposed, but if there is one that is repeated in all the lists, it is to increase the frequency with which it is done. exercise. Gone are some parties in which the excesses with food are common and therefore January it becomes the preferred month to burn excess fat. There is an exercise with which you will surely succeed.

One of the areas of the body that is most needed tone and build muscle is he core. The upper and lower parts of the body are connected thanks to that link, the trunk, with which a large part of the daily movements are carried out and which is as necessary as any other.

Sports and exercises to have a strong and stable core

If a person has a weak core or without the necessary strength, arms and legs may be affected in what way That is why if the trunk is strong, both the stability and the balance of the entire human body benefit. This helps especially to avoid diseases in areas such as the backas affected by injuries as lumbago.

There are sports, like tennis, in which practically all the muscles of the body come into action. Others, such as athletics or swimming, also require a strong and resistant core. However, if you want to know a specific exercise that can help you take the first one in this complicated month of januaryMARCA tells you.

The best known and most widespread is known as jumping jacks, which can alternate with runs on the site for 30 seconds. Another exercise is the climbing on the groundthat is, get on the floor, align your back and raise your legs alternately for one minute. The Russian twist, the classic plank or the bicycle abs They also serve to strengthen the core.

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