The American company Crayola promotes games with augmented reality

the american company crayonwhich was born more than 100 years ago selling coloring crayons, did not want to be left out of the digital trend and 10 years ago launched an app, which through mobile devices, children can create drawings and take them to virtual reality.

Adrian Romerothe firm’s Marketing Director told The Herald of Mexicothat the development of the application was done in Mexico and the child can create drawings on his device, color them and see them in perspective through augmented reality.

“The boy or girl who draws a rocket, an airplane or an animal on their device can see how it comes to life through animation in the digital world with this app that was developed in Mexico”,
explained the manager.

“We have focused on developing creative and colorful games that help the little one to develop something, so that with Crayola toys they can develop their own games,” he said.

The company expanded the crayon business, with which it began in 1903, and now also focuses on the distribution of toys of
various brands.


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