The “American dream” that ended in horror 1,300 kilometers from home

  • Will Grant
  • BBC News, Veracruz, Mexico

funeral procession

image source, Getty Images


Funeral procession of Misael, Yovani and Jair through the streets of San Marcos Atexquilapan.

The air outside the Olivares family home in San Marcos Atexquilapan was thick with wood smoke mixed with incense.

Three huge crowns leaned against the front of his modest two-story house; they were for Misael, Yovani and Jair.

The photographs of the three cousins ​​were in the center of the flower arrangements. Their smooth features and unlined faces revealed how young they were when they set out on their fateful journey north a few weeks ago.

Misael and Yovani were 16 years old. Jair, Yovani’s eldest and brother, was 20.

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