The appeal of Mete Onlus: “Helping Iranian women”

“In these days we are witnessing a rebellion, in Iran people take to the streets to protest in defense of Masha Amini, who died of a lock of hair. There are many other killings that are taking place. We hope that the authorities in charge will raise awareness. for an immediate intervention. We welcome the fear on the part of the Iranians on a daily basis, asking us to support them, and be their voice. We will do it in every location, even taking to the streets. We can no longer allow so many women to die deprived of their freedom “. This is the appeal of Giorgia Butera, President of Mete Onlus. “And it is for these reasons that we have written institutional letters to the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Rome, to the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella, and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, expressing concern and solidarity with the Iranian women, “he says.

“In 2019 our Organization, which is committed to the high issue of international human rights, socio-cultural mediation between peoples and the affirmation of civil, democratic and liberal principles, conceived and promoted a Campaign for Justice to protect the freedom of all Iranian woman. “Woman’s Freedom Iran”, the title – explains Butera – Several actions were carried out, useful for the dissemination of knowledge and the inescapable need for women to assert their social justice in a country where the denial of rights humans is of enormous significance. “

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