“The appointment of the Venosa hospital among those of the ‘community’ leaves me perplexed”. Here are the details

“The announcement by the president of the regional council, Vito Bardi, on the construction of five ‘community hospitals‘, among these that of VenousAnd seventeen ‘community houses’ leaves me perplexed and leads me to reflect for two reasons “.

The councilor affirms it Gianni Leggieri (M5s) that explains:

“The first: the failure to share the choices made by President Bardi, who, among other things, in a new mode of communication, announces some interventions related to the PNRR with the safety of the Lucanian hospitals.

Two years after the outbreak of the pandemic, since the first tragic days of the spread of the virus, I asked that all possible efforts be made to ensure that the San Francesco di Venosa hospital maintains its strategic centrality (in terms of services and presence in an area penalized, first of all, by a depressing infrastructural deficit), going beyond the existing reality.

Namely with a strengthening of all health and outpatient activities, providing for new ones.

The health facilities intended as caravans are of no interest to citizens, especially if you think that the Lucanian health care must open a truly new phase, after the scandals that have tarnished the image and commitment of so many serious professionals.

If you don’t go beyond certain distorted views, we risk transforming the community hospitalwhich should be the lever for the productivity of existing hospitals, framing the mission well, in ‘health car parks’.

I want to remind you that about a year ago the Regional Council unanimously voted a motion precisely to preserve and strengthen every service offered by the San Francesco di Venosa.

The urbi et orbi communication of President Bardi lacks a fundamental passage, in my opinion.

What do you want to do with the Venosa hospital?

Does the governor intend to take decisions against the trend, even disavowing himself, with respect to what was decided in the highest regional meeting and with respect to what was requested by the citizens of Vulture?

We have already seen the sailor’s promises made by his former regional health councilor.

The second reason for perplexity and reflection concerns the failure to share certain choices announced with great fanfare, without the slightest involvement of the political and institutional representatives of the territories concerned.

The Venosa hospital has always had its own peculiarityhas carved out an authoritative space in health care over the decades e we are witnessing once again a mortification of the legitimate requests of the populations of the Vulture-Melfese Alto Bradano.

The ophthalmology and the Alzheimer’s center must be strengthened really, for example.

The vision, according to which certain health facilities act as ‘health parking lots’, without peculiarities and peaks of excellence, worries me a lot.

Just as I am concerned about the approach that the Region continues to have with respect to certain needs and certain realities.

Is the effectiveness of care needs, to paraphrase Governor Bardi, really guaranteed without constructive sharing of local needs?

Without taking into account the existing?

Apparently not.

And a podcast is not enough to improve Basilicata ”.


(Court Authorization No. 466)

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