the approaching DT and the return in the lineup against Necaxa


A few days before the game for the Repechage, these are the news for Wednesday at La Noria…

Juan Reynoso, coach of Cruz Azul.
© picture 7Juan Reynoso, coach of Cruz Azul.

Fundamental week for Cruz Azul and Juan Reynoso, whose mission is to definitively leave the international coup behind, showing that he is a candidate for a new Liga MX title. To do this, he must give a sample of performance and beat Necaxa for the Reclassification for the Liguillanext Saturday on the field of the Azteca Stadium.

In the midst of the bad news related to Pablo Aguilar’s injury, and while Charly Rodríguez continues to evolve little by little, the coach also has a positive news for the team’s assembly who will face the Rays. Meanwhile, a bomb exploded in La Noria with the name of a story that began to sound like a possible replacement for the Peruvian.

Santiago Giménez issues a harsh warning to Cruz Azul

According to his most recent press conference, the son of the legendary ‘Chaco’ Giménez, He pointed out that if the cement squad does not thrash and beat Necaxa, it will be considered a resounding failureWell, they would be fighting the Repechage to enter the Fiesta Grande del Futbol Mexicano, but he recognized that they are not favorites.

“I don’t think we’re favorites, Necaxa closed the tournament very well and we didn’t close it too, it’s going to be a very even match and we have to go out and propose and yes or yes it would come out to propose because we’re at home”.

The Machine lowers prices because it wants the Azteca full

The Cruzazul team decided to put the tickets for the Repechage dispute from 50 pesos to 700, since the main objective is to fill the Colossus of Santa Úrsula. “We need the support of the entire stadium to get a pass to the Liguilla”, It was the message with which Cruz Azul asked his fans to attend to weigh the venue where the ticket to the Clausura 2022 Playoffs will be at stake.

Tuca Ferretti plays in Cruz Azul

Ricardo Ferretti would have decided his departure from FC Juárez, and in this context, media such as TUDN have reported that Jaime Ordiales sees Tuca with good eyes as a possible candidate to occupy the bench of La Maquina. Although of course, first we will have to see how Juan Reynoso’s Cruz Azul performs in the Repechage and the Liguilla?

The reappearance in the 11 of Cruz Azul

With all the guns aimed at the match against Necaxa for Reclassification, the coach has great news: after more than a month away from the team, José de Jesús Corona would return to the starting 11 to face the Rayos. In fact, according to TUDN reporter Adrián Esparza Oteo, the goalkeeper was ready to return against America, but the coaching staff preferred not to risk it.

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