“The Arroyo government acknowledges that there will be no drilling at El Molinete in 2024.”

This morning the government team presented the budget for the next fiscal year 2024 to the board of directors of the Casco Antiguo Society, in which no budget item for the excavation of Moreria was reflected.

C The spokesperson of the Municipal Group of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, who attended the meeting of the Casco Antiguo society this morning as a consultant, was interested in the absence of a specific item in the budget for the year 2024 for the excavation of the Moreria. ,

Castejon remarks with surprise that ““The Arroyo government has acknowledged that the autonomous community will not approve the Molinete master plan in 2024, because there is no item in the budget for the excavation of Moreria.”

However, in Castejón’s words “andThey considered the allocation of 1.7 million euros in the 2023 budget for the excavation of that area of ​​Molinette, even after the excavation project had been completed and with the relevant permits from the regional administration.,

Ana Belén Castejón, C.Cartagena’s municipal spokesperson, recalled that “It was the Autonomous Community that changed its criteria on whether or not the Molinette Archaeological Park required a master plan before excavations could begin.,

First, as the political formation indicates, the regional government considered that it was not necessary to prepare a master plan to carry out the excavation project; Subsequently, it changed its parameters with a commitment to accelerate the said scheme.

,However, the suppression of the excavation budget item for the year 2024 is a clear recognition that the master plan is going to be delayed and therefore there will be no excavation in the next year 2024,” Castejon decried.

Support for the project of construction of housing for university students and people with disabilities in Los Mateos.

Castejón highlighted that the only project to be executed in 2024 from Casco Antiguo was promoted in his mandate, because he committed the Polytechnic University, especially the Rector, to achieve the objectives of the project. Cartagena, university city.

,This project not only contributes to increasing the public housing stock for university students, but also to provide supervised housing to Cartagena, which has been requested for a long time by organizations such as Asido or Apices.”, Castejon concluded.

Finally, the spokesperson of SI Cartagena has shown his support and welcomed the fact that the file has already begun for the transfer to the City Council of a plot of land in Barrio Peral, allowing the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Cartegena. This will be possible. Build the center they need.

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