The Atari 2600 will return as a mini console

Atari and Playeon will follow in the footsteps of Nintendo and Sega and take advantage of nostalgia by launching a mini console that recreates the classic, and why not, the famous Atari 2600 console.

The big difference from what Nintendo and Sega did is that the Atari 2600+ is compatible with original controllers and most original cartridges for the 2600 and 7800 consoles – according to Atari, since cartridge compatibility is achieved through emulation software.

Aside from the fact that this new Atari 2600+ is a bit more compact, 80% according to the company and measurements I just took from my original console, and it uses HDMI, this incarnation is a faithful 80s classic. promises to be reproducible. , , including four front switches.

According to the statement and the online store, the console will go on sale worldwide on November 17, 2023, for a price equivalent to US$130, though for now the store mentions that it can only be shipped in the United States.

The console includes a cartridge with 10 games and a CX-40 joystick. Another $25 controller, a $40 bundle that includes two CX-30 knob controls and a cartridge with 4 games between them, will be available for purchase separately. to spread, The cartridge will also be for sale along with the game. Berzerk Enhanced Edition And mr run and jump for $30 each.

Let’s just hope that the inclusion of PlayOn (aka Koch Media, owner of Deep Silver and a subsidiary of Embracer Group aka THQ Nordic) on this Atari 2600+ leads to half the availability of the Atari VCS, a “modern console” inspired There will be no failure. The Classic 2600’s design is based on Linux and doesn’t really run modern games. It was launched in 2020 and till date is officially available only in Canada and the United States.

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