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The emergence of Cara Jocelyn Delevingne (England, 1992) in the world of fashion in 2011 was a hurricane that already hinted that this young woman with bushy eyebrows was more than the new pretty face of the season. Her physical attractiveness and her crazy character quickly pushed her to become a celebrity, though she would soon show not only her lights, but also her shadows. And it is that fame and success are not always synonymous with happiness.

The model Cara Delevingne with a Dior lipstick

The model Cara Delevingne with a Dior lipstick

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Born into an aristocratic family with well-established ancestors (her grandmother was a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret and her grandfather a press tycoon), Cara Delevingne had every comfort imaginable. Her godmother is Joan Collins, a close friend of her mother, although at that time little Cara was not aware of her position and she was just a girl trying to be happy. Her childhood was marked by her mother’s heroin addiction. Her constant absences every time she was admitted to the hospital created an emotional instability that exploded when she turned 15 with a depressive picture, accompanied by anxiety and suicidal thoughts. To all this we must add the dyspraxia that was diagnosed, for which she had coordination problems that affected her school performance, and the bullying that her schoolmates did to her. It is not surprising that at 17 she stopped studying without being very clear about what direction to take.

Her mother was addicted to heroin and the constant absences due to her hospital admissions made Cara fall into a depression.

Delevingne had made her first steps as a model as a child and, although she had various hobbies such as writing or music (singing and playing guitar and drums), she focused her efforts on the world of fashion. Recruited by Sarah Doukar, the same person who discovered Kate Moss, she started doing odd jobs without imagining that designer Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s creative director at the time, would notice her for the spring-summer campaign. From there her career took off like a rocket. Karl Lagerfeld cast her eyes on her to show off Chanel clothes and turned her into hers, sponsored by her, dazzled by her because she was “different” from her and by how she combined “her beauty with hers.” wild and fun of her” of her. The young woman was present at all the fashion shows of the 2012 season, wearing clothes by Carolina Herrera, Moschino, Donna Karan or Jason Wu. That same year she paraded in the Victoria’s Secret show, something that definitively catapulted her to world fame. It was her time and Cara made the most of it, making her debut as an actress in the movie ‘Anna Karenina’. Her rise was unstoppable.

Cara Delvingne, with the colors of the LGBT flag in the month of Gay Pride

Cara Delvingne, with the colors of the LGBT flag in the month of Gay Pride


The model starred in dozens of covers of the most prestigious magazines and became an indispensable part of the star system in mid-2010. Her friendship with great stars such as Rihanna, Harry Styles (with whom she had an affair), the Kardashians or Taylor Swift made her being a regular face of the pink press, and the fact of declaring himself openly bisexual, something unusual in his world, made the attention to know about his romances in crescendo. But her frenetic pace couldn’t last much longer and in 2015, after she was diagnosed with psoriasis caused by stress, the model announced that she was retiring to focus on her acting career. She starred in big box office hits like ‘Paper Towns’ or ‘Suicide Squad’ and in 2017 she published her first book, ‘Mirror, Mirror’, where she addresses issues such as homosexuality and online bullying with teenage protagonists.

The top model has never had a problem remembering the traumas she has experienced in order to be a speaker for all those people who, like her, suffer from their mental health. Although, without a doubt, one of the episodes that had the most repercussion in the media was the narration of the harassment she suffered a few years ago by Harvey Weinstein, who not only tried to kiss her but also told her that she would never succeed in the fashion industry ” being a lesbian.


Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson

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Cara Delevingne’s sentimental life has also been one of the busiest in the little more than 10 years that she has been famous. Her most serious relationships have been with the singer St. Vincent, with whom she spent a year and a half, and with Ashley Benson. After two years of intense relationship, they broke up due to confinement.

In the last seven years, and despite her “retirement”, the model has worked in the fashion sector but not at the same rate as she started. Cara has chosen to diversify her activities and dedicate herself to activism both in favor of the sustainability of the planet and in support of the LGTBIQ + community. Her love-hate relationship with the industry that gave her fame is undeniable, as is the imprint she has left in a sector where she came to break the canons and become a new model of beauty that captivated the entire planet.

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