The Australian government has definitively closed the case against Amber Heard for illegal entry of her dogs into the country.

Australian authorities have closed the case against Amber Heard for posing with her dogs, Pistol And Odour, illegally in the country for more than eight years, the government said in a statement on Tuesday, August 23. The story dates back to April 2015, when the actress traveled jet Privately to meet her then-husband Johnny Depp and their two Yorkshire terriers had not passed the mandatory 10-day quarantine protocol. The government threatened to execute the pet, and the incident caused rivers of ink — yes, much less so than the announcement of their divorce months later. The actress pleaded guilty in 2016, but faces a possible criminal trial over allegations that she lied to an Australian court. The allegations stem from differences between what his defense said during a 2016 trial in Australia and what a former employee said about the story in another London trial in 2020, in which Depp sued Depp. Did. Sun For defamation by alleging misconduct.

Now Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, which is tasked with overseeing biosecurity laws, has dismissed the case and confirmed that the Director of Public Prosecutions has decided not to prosecute the 37-year-old actress again. Is. “No prosecution action will be taken against actress Amber Heard on charges relating to her pleading guilty to the illegal importation of two dogs into Australia in 2015,” a government document states.

Amber Heard arrived in Australia on 21 April 2015 on the actor’s private plane, in which he was also traveling Pistol And Odour, Although theoretically those who come jet They go through the same controls as the rest of the passengers, with pets left out of security protocol. He was discovered by an employee of Depp, who was filming the fifth film in the saga in Australia. Pirates of the Caribbean, took him to a dog sitter in Gold Coast City. The authorities gave the couple 50 hours to leave the country with their animals, or else they would be euthanized. Then-Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce said at a press conference, “Mr. Depp decided to break the laws of our country.” The situation worsened when Joyce warned of the possibility that the dogs might not re-enter the United States: “The question is, if they broke our laws, did they follow the right laws in the United States? “, he said during an interview. in the public network ABC. “My concern is this: Will they be allowed in the United States? And if not, where do they have to go? warned that Pistol And Odour They may eventually become “dogs without a state”. The couple managed to land in the United States with their dogs after the Australian ministry issued them an export certificate, which made them easier to access. But the case caused quite a stir on social media, leading to the hashtag #WarOnTerrier and even a petition to save the terrier. Odour already Pistol Who collected thousands of signatures.

In 2016, Amber Heard pleaded guilty to falsifying immigration documents, a crime punishable by up to one year in prison. However, the most serious charge, a charge of illegal importation of animals, which could carry up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $73,825 (65,378 euros), was dropped. In the end, the actress published a video apologizing for the incident—in which she appeared alongside Depp—and was sentenced to only one month of good behavior and, if she didn’t, $767 ( 679 Euro) must be paid.

The media crash seemed to be closed until the case against him was reopened in 2020, as a result of testimony at a trial filed by Depp against the British newspaper. Sun for accusing him of being a violent husband, a case which the actor lost in November 2020. According to the ABC network, in 2016 one of the actress’s lawyers assured that she was unaware of Australian immigration laws and denied that she was deliberately lying. is not going to announce the entry of Pistol And Odour in Australia. But four years later, statements from Johnny Depp’s former employee Kevin Murphy revealed that the story was different. Murphy claimed that Amber Heard did in fact know about the quarantine rules, that she insisted on traveling with the dogs, and that she pressured an employee to take the blame. The Australian government then launched an investigation into a possible case of perjury. Now, three years later, the Department of Agriculture has decided to drop the latest charges against Amber Heard. According to reports, authorities say the decision was taken after working with agencies in Australia and overseas, who investigated whether the interpreter had lied and whether any staff had made false statements under duress. associated Press,

Thus, they put an end to the judicial problems that Amber Heard had with her dirty legal battle against Johnny Depp, although she lost it. actress of welcome to zombie land one of two aquaman became the owner of Pistol And Odour After their divorce in 2017.

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