The author of works by Jacques Audiard, Selena Gomez and Zoe Saldana is published in Cannes for “Emilia Perez”

On this fifth day of the Cannes Film Festival, a place in the film by Jacques Audiard: “Emilia Perez”. The French premiere will take place on the same March 18 in the company of actors, starting with the trio of actresses Selena Gomez, Zoe Saldana and Carla Sofia Gascon.

Arriving two days in Cannes, the popular singer, actress and American businesswoman – a real feeling of the same evening face and photos. Habillée of a black robe and white décolleté croisé, signed Saint Laurent, her hair remonted in the queue of the cheval laissaient all the attention she received on a Magnificent Necklace in Diamonds.

Her comrade Zoe Saldana has another in a long black robe and in front of her body, also from Chez Saint Laurent, with a pink rose in her hair. Equally present are the film’s other actors Adriana Paz and Edgar Ramirez, as well as composer Clement Ducol, singer Camille, screenwriter Léa Misius and choreographer Damien Jalet.

“Emilia Perez”, a musical comedy from the poster

If the singer, composer and dancer are on red slippers among the actors, then this is the film “Emilia Perez”, which is presented in the official competition, and is a musical comedy.

The long meter met on stage with the character of Rita, a highly qualified and reliable lawyer in the service in a large office, and also forced to release criminals serving justice. An unexpected exit to the girl:…

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