The awkward moment of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler on the red carpet of ‘Mystery on board 2’ – Movie news

Jennifer Aniston was surprised to see how her partner was going to the premiere of ‘Mystery on board 2’. Adam Sandler attended the premiere of the new Netflix film in the most comfortable way.

Red carpets (and non-red ones like the 2023 Oscars) are remembered for the magnificent costumes worn by stars like Zendaya, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Blake Lively. Now, who was surprised to see the outfit that his partner wore on the big screen was Jennifer Aniston during the premiere of mystery in sightwhich arrives tomorrow on the Netflix catalog.

Jennifer always tells the truth, especially to her friends. “What the hell are you doing?” Were the words of the actress from friends seeing Adam Sandler with an outfit far removed from the rigorous etiquette that characterizes this type of events. “I’m not going to stand next to him,” Jennifer joked as she witnessed the peculiar fashion choice of her great friend.

When Sandler was asked about his outfit, the actor claimed that his friend and co-star was the one who encouraged him to think outside the box and dare to wear comfortable clothes.. “You told me to bring a sweatshirt. You sent me a text message saying please wear one,” replied the protagonist of Like it was the first time to the actress known for being a fashionista and showing off on the red carpet.


Apparently, all this mess was part of a misunderstanding that both actors had in a conversation. The actress of Living with my ex He clarified that in his message he wrote precisely the opposite, telling his friend not to think of wearing a sweatshirt for the red carpet. “Lack of communication” was the response that Jennifer gave to the cameras that captured the incredible moment.


After the confusion, the actors posed together as if nothing had happened and showed once again that they are great friends. Later, Aniston said that she is willing to do a third part of the successful franchise of mystery on board. It’s clear that fans love to see the on-screen duo who have previously made a film together in a wife of lies.

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