The awkward moment that Gary Lineker lived on English television when he heard a sexual sound live

The former English footballer and TV presenter was on the air when a pornographic sound leaked

Gary Lineker He was one of the great footballers who went through the England team and after a successful career that included steps with Leicester, Tottenham, Everton and Barcelona, ​​he made the leap to television as a star analyst for the prestigious network BBC. The former player of 62 years was involved in a awkward moment on air while presenting the preview of the match between Liverpool and Wolverhampton in the FA Cup.

The exposition of the former goalscorer was abruptly interrupted by a pornographic sound which was leaked live and played not only in the studio, but on every TV. The scene aired and went viral on social media. Lineker he was analyzing the game in a studio at the Molineux stadium together with the former footballers paul ince Y Danny Murphy when some moans began to be heard in the background.

“I’m not sure where those sounds are coming from”managed to say a surprised Lineker, who was trying to hold back his laughter before giving the pass to his teammate Allan Shearer.

However, the moans continued after British public television broadcast an interview with Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp. “Someone is sending something to someone’s phone, I don’t know if it can be heard from home”the disoriented Lineker wondered.

Once the FA Cup match began, which had the networks as winners against wolvesthe current commentator revealed what happened through a message on his official account of Twitteraccompanied by a photograph of a cell phone: “Okay, we found this behind the scenes. The sabotage was quite funny”.

Gary Lineker's explanation of the awkward moment on air on English public television
Gary Lineker’s explanation of the awkward moment on air on English public television

In addition, at halftime of the match, he again clarified what happened before the spectators, an incident that did not go unnoticed and was reproduced on all social networks with different reactions.

On the other hand, a spokesman for the BBC had to explain. “We apologize to all viewers who were offended during the live coverage of tonight’s game. We are investigating what happened, ”he wrote in Twitter.

After the scandal, it was revealed who was the author of the joke. Daniel Jarvin, a British YouTuber known as jarvo69 He was in charge of telling how he reproduced the sexual sound from his phone. The comedian left a cell phone in the television studio and activated it with his cell phone, remotely. The result was visible and made the panelists blush.

A British youtuber showed how the joke of the pornographic sound that aired on TV was and made Gary Lineker uncomfortable

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