The ballet puts on an American show – PACA region

For this 2022 version which had been postponed due to the Covid epidemic, the show is called Rock the ballet X.

Do not panic for aficionados, the X does not mean that it is intended only for an informed adult audience but refers to the 10th anniversary of the concept. All audiences were therefore admitted and at the end of May, many families came to applaud the show.

What is it about ? The recipe is proven and expertly distilled by Adrienne Canterna. She choreographs on current music Bruno Mars, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, etc. short pieces mixing hip-hop and classical dance technique.

Under the “nightclub” style lighting, thethe 7 athletic dancers and the 3 graceful ballerinas chained the athletic movements, pirouettes, gap jumps and others carried with an energy of musical comedy.

The male performers also did not hesitate to go bare-chested and come to the front of the stage to solicit the applause of the public: a real American show in “feel good” mode!

While fans of contemporary dance and choreography remained unsatisfied, spectators in search of entertainment made the applause meter warm up.

Didier Philispart

Back in pictures on this dynamic performance.

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