The bangs that will be worn the most this season

Uncertainty He has always approached us all when it comes to going to the hairdresser. And when the visit focuses on a change of look, doubts multiply due to the insecurity that can cause seeing ourselves differently. So much so that there are many influencers who have even launched surveys on their social profiles about whether to visit the hairdresser or continue maintaining their current appearance, while others have directly dared to bet on change.

In recent times one of the most daring has been Mary Pombo, but it should be noted that the Madrid has not been the only one who has gone through the hairdresser in the last month. Macarena García, Nuria Roca, Hiba Abouk, Ana de Armas or María Pedraza They have also visited their trusted stylist in the last month and the most striking thing about all of them is that they share one thing in common: the fringe has been part of the change.

In the case of María Pombo, the Madrilenian has been encouraged with a long, open cut which has had its main inspiration in the seventies. But this type of cut is simply one of the many that will dominate the trends in beauty salons for the fall season 2022. Because it is undeniable that fringe is more fashionable than ever And the only thing you have to take into account is the type of cut that will best suit your style and your hair.

Bangs are not for everyone

A little later we will give the keys on what type of bangs will be the ones that will shine the most during this next season, but before reaching that step we must be aware that not every type of cut is effective in any hair. And there is nothing wrong with accepting it. From the hand of a good stylist, as we have seen in the most recognized names, getting it right is the easiest and you just have to keep in mind that, with a hair extra curly, very fine or with little density, the visit to the hairdresser should have another purpose.

Maria Pombo Bangs
Maria Pombo Bangs

But there are also other exceptions: those who have the small forehead or that type of scalp in which they are formed too many swirls at the hairline, they should opt for a change of look in which the fringe cut does not intervene. And we can assure you that all those bets would give more than one headache when it comes to knowing what to choose for the entry of the new season.

Lastly, we must also take into account the type of face of each one since only those that present a oval face may make full. If this is your case, you are in luck, and this type of face is the one that bangs look best on and that means that, fortunately, you can practically afford almost any type of cut that you want or you want. So being fashionable and following hair trends will be a piece of cake for you.

Autumn trends

Since the current course began, the fringe has been gaining ground in beauty salons and although it was at the beginning of the year when it started to go viral, to fire 2022 will gain even more strength through five bets that will be the most demanded in hairdressers:

  • French-bang. It is one of the most flattering cuts and in this case, it has been Ana de Armas who has opted for it. This type of fringe is above the eyebrows and is slightly parted and open. Its main virtue is its versatility and its main advantage is that it is compatible with any type of hair: fine, thick, straight or curly. As for faces, only the most elongated should be exempted, with round and square being the most favored.
  • Curtain fringe. If you want to rejuvenate and soften your face, this is your cut. Jennifer López is one of the most faithful to this type of bangs parted in the middle, in an inverted V and open in the middle. Of course, it is not suitable for all types of faces and it suits oval ones better.
  • Full fringe. The cut is straight and bushy, although slightly blunt and flush with the eyebrows. We relate this type of bangs to the protagonist of 50 shades of gray, Dakota Johnson, but not all of us can fall into temptation. It is recommended for faces with very wide foreheads because it softens the face.
  • Baby bang. The Bridgertons They have been in charge of giving back prominence to this type of bangs. To find the desired effect, we must always cut it in the middle of the forehead and then we must parade the ends to achieve a fresh look. It is important not to have a forehead that is too narrow if we want to show off this cut and the most favored will be those with angular and oval faces.
  • Side-swept. Long, paraded and with the line always displaced to one side marking its shape. It is known above all for being the type of bangs with which all those people who do not dare to change are released and the key to finding its most flattering version is to expose a part of the forehead at the same time that the sides are leave longer. This way we will be able to stylize the features and it is a perfect cut for round faces.

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