The Batman, Zoe Kravitz has no doubts: ‘Robert Pattinson is perfect’

The choice of Robert Pattinson as the protagonist of The Batman caused many to turn up their noses at the time of the announcement: many are still wondering if the ex-Edward Cullen of Twilight may have the physicality to play Bruce Wayne, but voices from within the cast ensure that our did a really great job.

To address the issue was Zoe Kravitz who, a few days after the rumors about Barry Keoghan’s possible Joker, spoke of the incredible work done by his colleague to perfectly immerse himself in the role of Gotham’s masked executioner.

Rob is perfect for this role. It was amazing. His transformation was out of this world. Matt Reeves has a really big heart, he took a lot of interest in every character. I’m really happy that she can enjoy some vacation, because she really deserves it. I hope the fans can enjoy it, because we are there really busy“were the words of the actress called to take up the legacy of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry in the role of Catwoman.

What do you think? Do you think Pattinson could be a convincing Bruce Wayne? Let us know in the comments! Recently, meanwhile, Frank Miller revealed the name of his favorite Batman: no, it’s not Christian Bale’s.

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