The beating that HBO is giving to Netflix

After witnessing the last chapter of Succession it is clear which platform is in charge in Colombia. Too bad very few have it

We know that this country is full of problems, that the poverty line is reaching fifty percent and that this government of change is turning out to be a bluff of colossal proportions. We know that to be sophisticated we need to have a decent job, hours that do not condemn us to be in a Transmilenio for three hours. Who has data to use the cell phone in a Bogota traffic jam? With connectivity as low as ours to the Internet, 60%, there is not much room for streaming. We are so miserable that we don’t even have to pay 16,000 pesos for Netflix and this is the platform that continues to rule from afar, but the Koreanization of this giant is making it increasingly boring and useless to walk around. Of course, Bronca, the tremendous miniseries from A24, the world’s most fashionable production company, means that not everything is so monotonous on Netflix.

Instead, wow, what’s going on at HBO is noteworthy. To the entire catalogue, which includes the best in the history of television, including the classics The Sopranos, The Wire, Girls, wonders such as Rain Dogs are added, a punk story of a rebellious mother with her daughter desperately seeking a roof and a love in dehumanizing contemporary London, the extraordinary Perry Manson, who in his second season is reaching unsuspected creative heights and well, there’s Succession.

Every so often a series appears that breaks with everything, that monopolizes audiences and drives critics crazy. The last ones have been in the hands of HBO. The last one could have been Game of Thrones and its seven seasons. But beware, Succession will only need four seasons to reach a milestone. The chapter where Logan Roy, the family patriarch, has a health accident on his private plane, is among the greats of television of all time. A group performance worthy of the Emmy, from the Golden Globes. A comedy that is a drama but it is also an acid comedy, an essay on how disgusting are the tycoons who take over the media to wash minds.

And other projects appear in the firmament, with the magnitude of a series about Harry Potter and that of the hounds of the White House, as well as a series with Elizabeth Olsen that threatens to break everything. Netflix stagnates next to this overwhelming HBO production.

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