The beauty of Daisy Anahy wife of Eduin Caz from the beach

Eduin Caz 28 years old, he is very happy for two reasons to go on vacation to Hawaii, but above all to be with the woman he loves Daisy Anahy, mother of his children, because they have shared several photos on the paradisiacal beach where they waste a lot of love , as well as great fun.

But what fascinated the fans of the Grupo Firme vocalist was the figure carried by Daisy Anahy, who, despite having posed with a long sarong as a dress, highlighted her silhouette, leaving everyone with a square eye, well Rarely is Eduin Caz’s wife seen like this.

“Beautiful and handsome and many blessings to you and your wife and your children and your family and many blessings to all of the firm group and pure firm group and congratulations”, “I have moon bottoms and my husband doesn’t peel me haha”, “Bomboncito beautiful, you look spectacular, wonderful, you have a beautiful body,” write social networks.

Although some speculate that the girl has aesthetic operations, others assure that Daisy Anahy has a natural body, for which they ask the haters to stop the attacks, since it is not the first time that they have said things to the famous on social networks.

But far from hate, the couple has tried to fully enjoy the best stage of their lives, because at the moment the Mexican vocalist is on the horns of the moon, and that is something that fascinates his followers, who expect a great show by the group, who assure they will give everything so that their fans have fun with their presentation.

Another thing that attracts attention is how they have made friends with other celebrity groupers such as Larry Hernández, Beto Sierra and Edén Muñoz among others, but for example you can also talk about the relationship that Eduin Caz established with Maluma with whom he met He gets along very well because there is never a lack of likes on his part when he sees one of his posts on social networks where everything is hunky-dory.

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