The before and after of Nicki Minaj

  • Nicki Minaj has always drawn attention for her impressive physique

  • The singer has changed her exterior a lot in recent times

  • He has undergone countless surgeries

nicki minaj She has become one of the most experienced singers in the world. Of course, what attracts the most attention are her impressive changes of looks, her extravagant way of dressing and her incredible curves. But has she always been like this? Or has she undergone a transformation of late?

It was in 2009 when Nicki Minaj achieved success

It was in 2009 when we met the singer for the first time. At that time, she appeared before the public with her single ‘Pink Friday’, with an image very similar to that of now. Although yes, the young woman has never denied the surgeries to which it has been subjected in all this time.

Of course, it was in 2019, when, by surprise, he announced that he withdrew of music permanently. Thus, she leaves behind that professional career when she led the sales charts in the United States. Now, it seems that the former singer wants to get married and start a family.

The singer has never denied that she has gone through the operating room

Coinciding with this announcement, there have been many followers who have published different images of what the singer was like before she became famous. As she herself has already commented at 37 years of age, Nicki has gone through the surgeon countless times, something that she has never denied and about which she seems to be very proud. It may be that, at first glance, we don’t realize it, but comparing it with other previous images, the reality is that it has suffered an infinity of changes.

Nicki has changed a lot physically.

Nicki has changed a lot physically.yasss.es

Thus, Onika Tanya, her real name, began to gain popularity around 2007, when she began recording and publishing her mixtapes. Then, they proposed to record a disk. In 2010, she released her debut album, becoming Billboard 200’s top rated actress. In addition to her impressive voice, she has also drawn attention for her stunning physique.

But, what aesthetic operations have you performed?

The singer has had surgery on her chest and face.

The singer has had surgery on her chest and face.yasss.es

She has always been proud of her curves and has shown them off wherever she goes. If we talk about your surgeries, Nicki has undergone a rhinoplasty, brow lift, cheekbone and eyelid modifications, as well as a chin lift. Also, she has had several breast and buttock implants and Botox and collagen injection treatments. To all this we must add a liposculpture.

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