The benefits of Full Face treatment in aesthetic medicine

The benefits of Full Face treatment in aesthetic medicine

Appearance will always be an important aspect for people to function in the work and social environment.

Consequently, in recent years, research and technology have generated important advances in this field, offering more natural, more effective and less invasive solutions.

Dr. Juan José Casado Caro, medical director of the Alluring Clinic center, affirms that the procedures are increasingly personalized to meet specific needs. Within the framework of these trends, he presents as an example the Full Face treatment in aesthetic medicine, designed to alleviate the signs of aging on the face.

A comprehensive procedure that attacks the causes

Alluring Clinic is a medical-aesthetic center that opened its doors in 2018 and is located on Trafalgar Street in Madrid. The vision that Dr. Casado had at the time of its creation was to offer, unlike other similar clinics, personalized treatments. Furthermore, he realized that if each patient has a particular picture of causes and consequencesthe answers also had to be particular.

This medical-aesthetic health professional is not used to delegating the care of his patients. He personally takes care of the initial evaluation of each person, listens to their concerns and advises them to achieve the best possible result. Along with professional talent, complete facilities and state-of-the-art equipment are added to ensure comprehensive procedures.

One of the most requested treatments in aesthetic medicine is the Full Face. The objective of this technique is to restore the volume and tone that the skin usually loses over the years. Specifically, it improves signs of tiredness, sad appearance, expressions of anger, blemishes, photoaged skin, and sagging.

The step by step of the Full Face treatment

The Full Face treatment has been designed as a procedure that addresses several fronts at the same time. For this reason, the initial step is the analysis, in order to determine which aspects must be corrected and the areas that need treatment on the patient’s face. Dr. Casado clarifies that it is not a generic method for all people who want it, for which accessing it requires a medical diagnosis first. In this way, each person can receive individual advice to lay the foundations for the treatment, clarify how far the treatment can go with realistic expectations, and agree on the treatment plan with the patient.

If the initial evaluation so determines, the first area to intervene could be the cheekbones, which will be treated with a type of product called “fillers”, such as hyaluronic acid, to position them in place and return them to their original shape. .

On the other hand, each area of ​​the face that shows loss of volume will be treated with specific techniques and products to obtain the best results. This may include the use of materials such as botulinum toxin (commonly known as Botox) and collagen stimulators.

Likewise, these specialists rejuvenate the lips with augmentation or profiling treatments. At this point, the decision is made based on the need and what the patient wants. As a last step, wrinkles and expression lines are treated to reduce them as much as possible. According to the director of the Alluring Clinic, the results of the Full Face aesthetic medicine will be visible in just 10 days.

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