the benefits of Japanese medicine that heals our energy and that many do not believe

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Reiki is a Japanese word that means “universal life energy”. Also a technique that consists of a method of healing by laying on of hands and a path of growth, towards a higher level of consciousness. Criticized by some and praised by others. Today, Monday, August 15, celebrates its International Day.

Although it has no scientific basis, more and more people practice it and it has been taught for years in all kinds of public and private spaces. In Castilla y León, the Usui Reiki Ryoho Association of Castilla y León in Palencia, which was born in 2007.

“The journey began here. Thanks to the founders, to their effort and desire for Reiki to spread and become known in our capital, this Association is increasing in number of components”, they assure in their presentation to continue adding that the members are a group of people that we have incorporated Reiki as a philosophy of life, following the teachings of Master Mikao Usui. Carrying out a volunteering of the learned technique to all the people who wish to come to this Association”.

On their website they make it clear: “with Reiki, we seek the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of people; comprehensive health, producing a state of deep relaxation, reducing stress and achieving serenity and inner peace”.

How is reiki applied? Well, there are 12 hand positions that are applied throughout the body, from the head to the soles of the feet. In this way, its benefits can act on all points of vital energy.

“The true essence of Reiki is the Pure Light that permeates everything that exists in the Universe. It is the energy of love, harmony and healing. Mikao Usui, creator of the 1922 method, left us this legacy. Not only as a healing system, but as a way to raise our consciousness and spirituality for a better life, ”says on his website the Liashi Reiki Specialist Center in Valladolid.

Reiki is a pseudoscience, and is used as an illustrative example of pseudoscience in academic texts and academic journal articles. Hence, many voices arise that are critical of this technique. The Government of Madrid prohibited it in 2017 in all its hospitals.


Reiki acts not only on a physical level but is reflected on the emotional, spiritual and mental level, returning all our levels to their natural state of balance, giving a sense of well-being and joy. To do it, it does not require special places or certain materials, just the desire to give and receive Reiki is enough.

The states of balance are due to the harmonization of the different energy centers (chakras), causing muscle strains, vitality and greater energy.

According to the CYL Association, a Reiki session can last between 45 minutes and one hour. And in the benefits section they explain that it can be used for “chemotherapy or radiotherapy cases to reduce their highly harmful side effects.” To reduce stress; since it “generates balance and well-being in an integral way”. It also harmonizes, energizes, stabilizes, relaxes (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and also improves self-esteem.

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