The best and most iconic scenes from ‘Hannah Montana’

    Our adolescence, that time that happened at the beginning of the 2000s when the low waist was in fashion and the bangs conquered our acne-prone forehead, was marked by ‘teenager’ series that occupied the folders of the institute. One of them was undoubtedly ‘Hannah Montana’. The series, starring Miley Cyrus, followed a student who went to school in the morning and put on a blonde wig at night to give life to the biggest musical hit of the moment.

    The same popularity reached the fiction since its premiere in 2006 and during the four seasons that it was broadcast on Disney Channel. In the showcase it accumulates triumphs as important as being the most watched series in the channel’s history. There are four albums on the market under the Hannah Montana name, plus one with the movie they created in 2009, and the casting of Miley Cyrus as the blonde lead in the music made the actress the youngest female artist ever in history. debut with his album at number one (he was barely 14 years old when he got it).

    On January 16, 2011, the last episode of ‘Hannah Montana’ was released, so to celebrate it we are going to remember the best moments of the series. Starting, for example, with Lily and Oliver finding out that Miley Stewart was Hannah Montana.

    Hannah Montana


    The protagonist revealed her identity to her best friends in the first two episodes of the story when she saw that they were very fans of her music. The boy even had a crush on Hannah. Just what Nick Jonas showed when they played himself in episode 16 of the second season.

    Hannah Montana


    This moment was the beginning of the relationship between Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas. Our teenage dream came true with this ‘crossover’, as happened when Selena Gomez made a cameo in a couple of episodes.

    Hannah Montana


    She played Mikayla, a singer who was also the girlfriend of Jake Ryan, a love interest of Miley’s. Of course, there was a duel of divas… very far from the sorority that we currently defend.

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    And of course, you could not close this ranking of the best moments without the farewells that the series had. First, at the end of the third part, when the Stewart family leaves their house.

    Hannah Montana


    Later, in the fourth and final season. In the tenth episode, Miley is already 17 years old, she is about to go to university and is in a relationship with Jesse. So she decides to reveal her identity in the middle of a performance.

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    And said goodbye to Hannah Montana forever.

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