The Best and Worst of Summer 2023: Podcasts with Audiences

Last Thursday, September 14, we celebrated the third “live” of our podcast Revelación o Timo at the Teatro of Latina in Madrid. Over 60 people join us in reviewing current pop culture news during the summer of 2023.

This has been marked by the phenomenon of the film ‘Barbie’, which has raised $1.5 billion at a cost of around 150. We’re talking about its feminist vision, the recycling imposed by Mattel or not, and of course a very successful soundtrack. It may have given Billie Eilish a new Oscar, but it’s also left new successes for Dua Lipa, Charli XCX… and even Ryan Gosling.

Feminism has been very present in our country too, from Sonorama with Amaral’s breasts to the general elections, the outcome of which no one had even imagined. We talked about the La Pizza and La Quinqui podcast, whether as an imaginary turn of the campaign or not, but certainly as a pop milestone for our country: we talked about pop music to the President of the Government. When did you see him talking? Regarding this, what did the Women’s Soccer World Cup mean later?


Of course, it’s time to talk about summer songs – from ‘Nochantera’ to ‘Clavato’, passing through more underground names like Sofia Cortese -, how sad the summer albums have been – Anohni, PJ Harvey, Slowdive – and summer music. Also shows – The Weeknd, Björk, The Human League –. As far as the series is concerned, we highlight ‘Poquita Fe’, which we will review soon.

Ultimately we chatted about upcoming albums and movies, and we gave away 2 tickets to Brava Madrid to the audience. This weekend the festival is celebrated with performances by the likes of Sugababes, Mika, Melanie C or Samantha Hudson, among many others. A season ticket winner told us an unusual story from his summer.

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