The best apps to customize the iPhone that Apple recommends


Apple shares 15 apps to customize your iPhone: widgets, wallpapers, icons and much more.

Apple has shared with all of us a list of applications with which to customize our iPhone and iPad. Apple has never been a big fan of customization, but since the advent of widgets and the ability to change app icons, its approach has radically changed.

Apps from the App Store

The App Store is full of great apps

Apps recommended by Apple to customize your iPhone

In this list shared by Apple we find great apps to customize our devices. Widgets, wallpapers, icons and much more can be found among these 15 apps.


Widgetsmith is one of the best apps to create widgets on your iPhone and iPad. It is normal for Apple to recommend it because it is essential for those who love customization.

ScreenKit – Wallpapers

This is one complete app to personalize your iPhone with available wallpapers, widgets and icons. More than 5000 icons, 500 themes, 500 widgets and different wallpapers for iPhone and iPad available in a single app.


This is an app to customize keyboard font and you can write with a custom font in dozens of apps. Fonts can be used on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Clubhouse, Telegram, TikTok, Roblox, WhatsApp, Twitch, Discord, and many, many more apps

Sticker Doodle – draw stickers

This is an app to create stickers, so you can draw them yourself, you will never have more original stickers than these. The app is compatible with the main messaging apps, iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord and Slack.

Sticker Maker Studio

another app for create custom stickers. You can choose any photo or meme and easily turn it into a sticker to send through your favorite messaging apps.

Aesthetic Kit – Icon and Themes

A great app for customize your home screen with new icons and wallpapers. We have dozens of community creations and we can also create our own themes to personalize the iPhone and iPad.

Fonts Art – Typefaces

Fonts Art is a fantastic keyboard that will help you turn the ideas you want to share with others into messages aesthetically pleasing. Choose any type of font from the wide collection of designs and liven up the conversation with impressive texts.

Color Widgets

One of the most famous widget apps. We have at our disposal hundreds of options that we can customize to our liking. A great widget app that is normal for Apple to recommend.

Photo Widget : Simple

A widget that does what the photo widget can’t. here we can customize the photos that we want to appear in the widget or the albums that we like the most.

Colorful Widget- Screen Theme

Other highly customizable widget app that stands out for its “aesthetic” concept. We have hundreds of different options that we can customize to our liking.

Color Widgets:Screen Shortcuts

A very powerful widget app, which includes a battery widget and even a loading animation. A very interesting app to fully customize our iPhone or iPad.

App Icon Maker – Change Icon

This app focuses on changing icons. It has dozens of themes that change the icons of most system apps, so your iPhone or iPad will look completely unique.

Launch Center Pro – Icon Maker

A very complete app that not only allows change the icons for custom ones, also create matching widgets with those new icons. It has a lot of potential, so it is an app that requires learning time to get the most out of it.


This app is unique and allows us create unique widgets by mixing different options. Birthdays, calendar, contacts, you can have everything in one personal widget.

The Wallpaper App

An amazing app that creates unique wallpapers for you. Every wallpaper is generated with just math, code and pixelsso it is unique to you and always different.

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